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Trump: I guess I am totally ***ed. I bet Cruz paid Carter to say that.

Wonder who’s gonna wield the hammer?


Ooohhhh, kiss of death for Trump with the “base.”

Trump = Egomaniacal Billionaire with no real positions on anything.
Cruz = Theocratic Fascist who has no qualms about killing to get his way.


Actually, just a weird thing for him to be commenting on. A more logical response is “I’ll take the door with the tiger behind it.”

jimmy carter is also a christian; but not the end of the world dominionist christian variety that rules rafael jr and sr’s worldview. and jr’s presumption that he was ordained to rule… i’m guessing carter is horrified by that outlook and just the things rafael jr has been saying… trump has no deep christian evangelical tendencies… other than making money.

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I didn’t look at the context, but I assume that this is along the lines of “Who’s better, Hitler, Stalin, or Pol Pot?” since I sort of doubt that Carter is really inclined to like any of the folks in the clown car.


Yeah, his full answer was, “Can I choose Stalin or Pol Pot? No? Alright then I guess I prefer Trump.”

Carter announces his Casinos for Humanity program…
(PS-The Brits are in awe of Carter’s giant hands.)

Did Carter say which Dem he was for or was this just about having to choose between two evil assholes on the right? Why he went there, I have no idea.

I think most people know, he’s never been a big fan of Bill Clinton. In fact it was reported years ago that they both really dislike each other.

I’ve wondered that myself whenever I hear that term applied to him. I assume its the GOP establishment, though I’ve found no evidence of that yet. They must be waiting for an invitation to hammer out the differences.

My teen son asked me much the same question a few days ago.

I don’t remember if I actually made a choice, but I remember what I told him about how I looked at the choice. Thinking about what I told him, I’d have to say that I am with Carter.

I told him that election of Cruz would be awful for what he would do to our country, while election of Trump would be awful for what it said about our country.

There are Constitutional, budgetary, and practical obstacles to most of Trump’s outrageous proposals. There would still be great harm caused by the apparent validation his election would provide to racists and bigots, but I remain optimistic that demographic forces and the efforts of our country’s many decent people will resist and eventually reverse the harm.

Cruz would be nothing less than a nightmare.


Sums it up nicely. That’s why I am with President Carter on this. Trump is actually the lesser evil.

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Of course, this is a bit like the game of “which way would you rather be killed–drowning or falling off a building”.

It was in a question-and-answer session after his speech on Guinea worm disease, which sort of seems fitting. The Q&A starts around the 18:27:00 mark of this video: http://www.parliamentlive.tv/Event/Index/c97d52ce-0fd8-4c60-aa92-2aab35f030d2

The first question is about American politics so he did comment on Sanders & Clinton as well but it took until 18:31:30 to get to the choice between Trump and Cruz part of the answer. He ended by reiterating he would support the Democratic nominee, whoever won.

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W was malleable. Nuff said.