Discussion: JFK's 1961 Letter To A Little Girl: 'You Must Not Worry About Santa Claus'

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So hard to relate to “letters”, the ultra-low tech social media tool of the dinosaur era. To think, they had to literally hack into forests to feed pulp mills just to be perverted into a Dark Ages vehicle for the conveyance of cursive code by the quaintly public-schooled.

There is something terribly sad about an 8 year old having to ponder the effects of nuclear war, but children do worry about the world they live in. Ask any of them their number one concern today is climate change.

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I can only imagine the tweet from President Jeb:

@Michelle: I just spoke with Senator Inhofe, and he assures me climate change is a hoax. And he should know, he’s the incoming Chairman of the Environmental and Public Works Committee. So stop worrying, and ask Santa for lots of presents this Christmas.”


Modern day version:

The president added that he had talked to Jamie Dimon just a day earlier and all is well with Chase - but reminded her Santa comes every other year now. It’s not like the old days anymore little girl…

And for her not to worry about the funds in her just opened passbook savings account being used for investment banking.

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