Discussion: Jeb Bush Slams Trump's Proposal For Database Of Muslims: It's 'Just Wrong'

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Trump’s response: “Jeb? Jeb?..Humm…Jeb who?”

(Jeb: “PLEEEEEEEEEEEAZE’ …notice me!”)

On the other hand, if we register all members of the Bush Family Cult and make sure they never get into politics ever again. Maybe make em’ wear a scarlet ‘B’ on their foreheads…I could get behind that propos…ahhhh, I’ve been led astray! Thanks Trump!! :grimacing:

Meanwhile, The Donald, undeterred by Jeb’s criticism and the MSM scrutiny, continues to plot his strategeery’ against ISIS:


Squish confirmation time for the campaign I see.

I get what he is doing, but for his base this is a losing move.

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if JEB had done this sooner…

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Chicken shits and half wits on parade.
But after all we’re running an election here. You know, selling books. And fluffing giant egos. If America goes down the tubes and they make a profit, hey, it’s just business.


Real Jeb: I wish I was as smart as my brother. Having absolutely no brain seems to help with my crowd.

“It’s not a question of toughness. It’s manipulating people’s angst and their fears. That’s not strength. That’s weakness,” Bush said. “And look, campaigns are important, for sure — we’re electing a president — but there are things that are important as it relates to the values we have as a country that make us special and unique.”

Exactly how does this square with your own statements about the Syrian refugees?


OT, but…

Was just watching the Trump and his wife Melania on tv and it struck me how much they remind me of Oliver and Lisa Douglas from Green Acres. One interesting part of the interview was when Trump said his wife would “compliment me on my performance” (meaning the debates.) Melania is very pretty but IMO she doesn’t have much going on upstairs.


What an interesting contrast: a guy who doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong being yelled at by a guy who knows but doesn’t care as long as one or the other is expedient at the moment.


Jebby’ just want to let in the “right” Syrian refugees. Oh how Bush-league is that? rotfl

Jeb: “Christians Only Please!”



LOL. Does anyone know in what state their Ruckersville was supposed to be? There is a Ruckersville very near me in Central Virginia.

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Melanoma’ will, however, be a fabulous asset in securing the evangelical vote!

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I guess it depends on the meaning of the word “upstairs.”


What about torture, Jeb? Any thoughts on that?


~rimshot!~ rotfl


Oh MY!


but Jeb? has no problem shaming single mothers…

Just in time for Christmas, Macy’s has announced a new line of Trump apparel shirts. Nicely tailored, wrinkle resistant they proudly bear the label: Made in America. One drawback that Macy’s did not anticipate: They only come in brown.

The Germans didn’t just one day come up with the gas chamber idea out of the blue. The Final Solution started off with registration, deportations, and travel restrictions.


My first reaction was “Who are we anymore?”

Then I remember history and realize that for a particular not insignficant subsection of the county, this is who we’ve always been…