Discussion: Jeb Bush Flat Out Says He's 'Thinking About Running For President'

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Afterwards, he and the Cardinal went to a nearby 7-11 to ask about their pap smears and ultrasounds.


He knows how desperate the Villagers are for an “Establishment” Republican who will magically Unite The Party While Appealing To Independents ™. In other words, he knows it’s a great way to boost his speaking fees.


Dolan (puke on him) and Jeb (listen to your mother) picked some balloons thinking they would be fun for their kids. HaHa. What did they know.

Again, how desperate the GOP is!!


Enough of the Bushes. No more dynasties, please.

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Bring it on, Bush boy!

Ol’ Jeb better tip his running mate heavily for the cumbersome Bush baggage he’ll have to hump down the campaign trail.

The Bush legacy of failure will follow him like a rotten fish smell, all the way to the ballot box. Good times!


From his lips to God’s ears…Please oh Please give us another Bush!!! Just shows you what a clown car the Gutless On Purpose party has become.


On top of the Bush baggage (which is bad enough) does Jeb want to subject his Mexican born wife to the vicious hatred that will be spewed her way from the base? Jeb running will do nothing but remind the country how much damage the Bushes have done to this country.

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You nailed it. Astute analysis.

Campaign slogan: “I’m not as stupid as my brother.”


Those kids can fit you for an IUD in the time it takes to get a Slurpee.

With support from Dolan, he can be guaranteed Catholic and other women will not vote for him, along with
all the folks who hate Dolan’s efforts on behalf of child molesting priests. Go for it, Jeb!

Actually, my one worry about him is that he wouldn’t have to say that – superficially he’s so different from W (no twang, no swagger, no notable malapropisms) thatI worry that the baggage wouldn’t weigh him down as much as it should on the merits.