Discussion: Jeb Bush 'Actively' Exploring Running For President In 2016

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No surprise and my response: “Keep this gun-running family completely out of federal government!” JUST SAY NO!


Another clown for the 2016 car. Jeb’s biggest issue will be trying to shake his imbecile brothers record and his corporate business dealings, He’s the next MITT ROMNEY.


It’s time to revive my 2008 mantra - Clinton, Bush, Clinton, Bush.

This is good news for John McCain.

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Jeb Bush ‘Actively’ Exploring Running For President In 2016…

Cuz-- for the first time possibly-- he won’t have to clean up his little brother’s sh^tpiles.
Thanks Obama! (No, really!)



Guess he thinks there are enough new voters who never heard of Florida 2000.

It’s one thing to have a dynasty which produces successes but another to have a dynasty which produces disasters.


I cannot tell you how much I wish both Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush would take a pass on 2016. I don’t give a sh1t how much they think they’ve earned it.


Ever seen the calves on Columba Bush?


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Yup. America has had enough of political dynasties. The Clintons and Bushes need to go away.


The private family medical case of Terri Schiavo that Jeb interfered in, should forever become a political albatross around his neck.



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“I don’t know what the difference is between ‘thinking about’ running and ‘actively exploring’ running, but I suspect it has a lot to do with keeping his name in the news.”

Frankly, I don’t know how many times a week we have to be subjected to almost the same headline here or elsewhere about Jeb Bush running for President. Its getting tiresome.The DNC chairman is correct, that it’s all about keeping his name in the news and sadly the media obliges him even though he really has nothing new to report.

Until he gives a full-throated announcement that he’s running, can we quit playing his “Look at Meeeee” teaser games. Its like a bad trailer for a movie that may not even be released because the test audience gave a poor response and an obvious thumbs down.

Listen to your mommy, Jeb. Too many Bushies…the country is tired of you and your ignoramus family.


Here’s the problem (as I see it)…

Everyone on this blog is horrified at the idea of another Bush maladministration. However, we don’t reflect the majority of America. We just don’t. By the time '16 rolls around, many Americans may not even remember W OR what they do remember is some kind of revisionist fantasy that the GOP dominated media / GOP leadership helps along.

I have no doubt that he’ll be the nominee.

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Electing Obama sure avoided that problem huh?

BushAgain. Because two economic depressions are not enough; let’s go for a third

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Amen to that. What a fiasco and a crying shame that was, not only for that poor husband but for the country. It was none of our fucking business to begin with.


Agreed he’s a danger. . But part of it is that a significant part of the electorate has become politically conscious long after Jeb’s own particular crimes were in evidence.

OK. Not a difficult call-- when every other likely ® choice is either under indictment–
or have blown huge holes in a state budget.

But yeah. You’re probably correct.


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It’s not Jeb Bush himself, of course…

The MSM will be actively nudging this along. He has got a lot of things going for him for the MSM to use…

  • He has made statements more supportive of immigration reform
  • He has a family “Latino connection”
  • He can actually campaign using the Spanish language
  • Compared to the Clown Car, he IS a moderate
  • The MSM will create a Social Reality in which both Bush and any Democratic candidate will be seen
    as opponents with equal forces (in terms of morality, sanity, social responsibility) behind them

In addition, Republicans TO THE RIGHT of the Establshment Republican candidates rally round the Party far more than Democrats TO THE LEFT of Establishment Democratic candidates. We can see some of that here, at TPM, with our “purists”/

One other thing about the nihilism of “purists”…

I was raised as a European Socialist. I grew up in European countries in which government and industry and unions worked far more cooperatively than here. To me, Bernie Sanders is in the center-right as a political stance…

Yet I would vote for Hillary Clinton for President in an instant, because I know that, compared to the Reactionary Republican Party (which Jeb Bush would have to placate if he got elected), the Democrats are the only way to go at this time. I also know that, going forward, we have a lot to do to educate Millennials about the Social Contract that most thinking people over the age of 55 have been aware of, growing up.

By the way…the entirely planned brilliance of the Right, the 0.01% and the oligarchs is that they have moved our political center of gravity so far to the Right, that what now passes for “center” is to the right of Nixon.


More Bill, Less Bush.