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Todd Aiken: The gift that keeps on giving!


Can’t get enough of Pat Boone’s tone-deaf twin :laughing:


Epic trolling. Thankee MSNBC!


Seems like you need to ask, “is this guy even relevant?” And if the answer is no, then MSNBC is just playing partisan politics by keeping this guy around. The GOP wants him to go away, and liberals are thrilled that he stays in the news because he can really only damage conservative prospects. Of course, it’s probably great ratings, which is just another problem.


Todd Akin further cements his albatross-like reputation as Mr. Rapey Raperson. Goodie.


The guy cracks me up. I mean, he is so oblivious…a straight man in a comedy skit couldn’t do a better job. You know its coming, and he never fails to deliver.

This is the one person, more than anyone else, that should never ever utter the word “rape” in public again. Yet he probably says it 20-50 times in the Todd interview.

Its right out of a SNL skit!


Alright, I will say it…

Oh! For fuck’s sake!!! Todd who?

And who the fuck names their child ‘Tawd’?


Damn it sir, I was going to say that. :frowning:

He has a book out now, so its part of the politico-entertainment complex process.

I said when all of this first started, that it was not accidental. Too many people were using the same language defending him, and too many others were advancing the same argument using similarly stupid language. The intent is to move the window on the abortion discussion to having people debating whether abortion should be legal in cases of rape…completely ignoring that rape is legal in all cases.

He is being trotted out now as part of that same agenda.


It can’t be that they’ve never heard STFU before, I know I’ve said it to these guys before. And for this yutz it is actually constructive criticism he should be getting from his handlers.

Todd, STFU is your friend. As is going away forever. You don’t have a future, get used to it.


He thinks he is relevant and he has a book to hock. It isn’t as if MSNBC called him up and begged him to come on the show. He needs to extend his 15 mins, and I can’t imagine that the right would turn down the opportunity if things were reversed.

This is how politics and the media having been working for a long time.


Todd Akin has been out of the spotlight for a while and this was the explanation he came up with? This is the best he and his team could do? Wow.


Maybe Joy Reid who is an adept reporter will finally get him say “pregnant because she was raped” in a sentence." So far we’ve only been females and there’s been only talk of shutdowns of bodies.

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As a general rule I never turn on MSNBC before 10 am. Today, not realizing what time it was, I turned on the TV and caught all of the Akin interview. He is 24 carat crazy, truly batshit. Can’t wait to see Joy take him apart later.


Why would any progressive want Todd Akin to shut up? I want him to keep talking until he’s blue in the face. I want him to do the full Ginsburg this Sunday and every Sunday until the election. I hope he goes on The View, The Talk, Ellen, Wendy Williams, etc. I want this guy all over the place talking about his views on rape and pregnancy. The only thing I would ask of him is to make sure he mentions several times that he is indeed a Republican and that his views are consistent with what was in the 2012 party platform.


I won’t be happy until he sits down for an interview with Rachel Madow. If ever there was a proponent of the gentle art of polite evisceration, she is it.


They’d better not quote him accurately and in context again; that would be just totally unfair.

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Lay it on Akin, the thicker the better.

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  • 1 for “polite evisceration” Perfect descriptor!
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