Discussion: It's Real This Time: Vladimir Putin Spoke On The Phone With Elton John

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“Watch me callink gay boy and pretend to be mechanik!”

“Hel-lo. Jun? Rolls very seek. Need new head gass-ket!”

Ha, ha, it wasn’t really Elton!


That’s funny. Back when the pranksters first admitted they did it, there were lots of commenters insisting that Elton John was arrogant and delusional for thinking that he’d be important enough for Putin to call. But even that article ended with a Putin spokesman saying Putin wanted to arrange a visit, which all of these people ignored. And it looks like a phone call has now taken place, meaning that Elton John was deservedly as arrogant as these people attacked him for being.

And this is really the only proper ending to this, since the prank itself was lame. The whole point of pulling a prank is the reveal, when you’ve reached the point that things can’t get more ridiculous and you get the final reaction from the victim. But if the prankster just has a normal conversation and hangs up without the victim knowing it’s a prank, then what’s the point? You’re not pulling a prank. You’re just being a weirdo.

There was a lot of potential humor in faking a phone call between Elton John and Vladmir Putin, and these guys missed it completely. And so the proper punchline is for John and Putin to have their conversation after all, where hopefully they discussed having orgies at the Kremlin, just because.


Putin went on to invite Elton to a ‘stag’ camping & horseback riding trip with (wink, wink) Prince Albert.
Note to Elton: Wear paste jewelry.

Putin Calls Elton John And Talks About Pranksters

…and then checked his stock of Polonium-210.