Discussion: It’s Not Just Us: Senate GOPers Also In The Dark About Their Health Care Bill

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”Senate GOPers Also In The Dark About Their Health Care Bill.”

To be fair, GOPers are in the dark about most things.


C’mon Mitch… give us Obamacare ‘Plus’ and make everyone faint.


Sen. Susan Collins (R-MN)

I can’t believe Tierney typo-ed that; i.e. (R-MN) rather than (R-ME). She must be as worn out with the Rethugliklan’s antics as the rest of the country.

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I always like helping out the News Editor. I'm that kinda guy.

I’m with Beutler, here. It’s why McConnell is such a PR sleaze bag. The secrecy means no ‘news’. His worst fear is that drafts of the bill will get leaked. A CBO score is something that qualifies as NEWS! and that the MSM can put on the front page or top of the hour.


“In life, if you only wait for that which is exactly what you wish to have, you end up living on island by yourself,” Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) said.

“… therefore, why not kill as many people as fast as possible. That seems like a good compromise.”


“the [Majority] Leader’s office is writing the bill”

It’s the only way to ram it through quickly when he realized he couldn’t herd the cats senators on his committee.

McMockracy in Action


Pinhead Mitch is treating the entire GOP Senate delegation as he’s treating the rest of America…

we and they are all mushrooms… kept in the dark and fed bullshit on the AHCA…



What seems to be the sticking point îs the Senate parliamentarian and the Byrd Rule. Make no mistake, Mitch the Merciless as 50 certain votes plus the Silver Simpleton. It seems very likely that large number of dependent people will be at the mercies of the Brownbacks, Snyders, Fallons, Scotts and Walkers of this nation.

This is a big fucking - dirty - deal.

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Not surprising its taking so long, Yertle has to return to the sea every night to feed…

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I don’t think anybody’s seen any kind of final text,” Sen. John Thune (R-SD)

… " but it has my vote no matter what! hell, it could be written in crayon and in pig latin & I’ll say YEA"

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The difference between Democrats not knowing what’s in the bill and Republicans not knowing what’s in the bill is that only one of those groups actually cares what the bill says.

The Republicans will vote for it regardless of content.


Yep, with McCain and Graham leading the charge of the spinleless…


Bobby Moynihan needs to do Cassidy on SNL, que no?

How about, RepubliCANs are ALWAYS in the dark on ALL things!

Rank-and-file Senate Republicans had one thing in common with their Democratic counterparts in
the health care debate Tuesday: Most did not know exactly what is going to be in the GOP Obamacare repeal legislation expected to be unveiled Thursday and put up for a vote as soon as next week.

No kidding. We’ve known ever since the senate took up the bill, and we’ve known that it makes not one damn bit of difference to them.

What happened with the attempt by Senators to get a draft of the bill from the CBO yesterday?

After concern trolling the public. Spineless!

gop is in the dark on the health care plan, too? Oh! I feel so much better!! I thought Mitch was just singling out us liberals. Apparently, Mitch thinks the fewer in the know about the future of our country, the better.