Discussion: Israeli Official Now Suggests Boehner Misled Netanyahu On Speech

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THUMP, THUMP went the bus…


As I posted on another site:

Misled? Bitch, please! And if you are so disturbed and perturbed by being misled into this horrible, untenable position by a bunch of racist Republicans into insulting President Obama , then cancel the speech to show your righteous indignation, you dumbass motherfucker.


Don’t hold back. Say what’s really on your mind.


“He said that the speech could still help secure the two-thirds vote
needed to override President Obama’s promised veto on any new sanctions
on Iran.”

Just what the Republicranks need … the image of a foreign leader invited to intimidate our President and influence policy. President Obama should show up and sit behind Netanyahu making faces …


I always do, baby. I always do. And from reading many of your posts, you’re not afraid to do the same thing. LOL!


Are more useless intelligence that led us to a war in Iraq to capture or kill bin Laden in Afghanistan.

He said that the speech could still help secure the two-thirds vote needed to override President Obama's promised veto on any new sanctions on Iran.

Guess what, asshat?

It’s not going to happen. That override.

And given the amount of back scrabbling currently underway, neither will the speech.

Lose, lose, genius.


So, at least this Israeli official is openly admitting that Netanyahu is PURPOSELY coming here to undermine US foreign policy. So, when does, say, Yacouba Isaac Zida, Prime Minister of Burkina Faso, get to have a go?


The sound of Boehner being thrown under the bus.

Let’s face it, when your ambassador is a former Republican partisan operative, and he works directly with his former superiors in the GOP to set up a meeting you really ought to check with Nancy Pelosi’s office before accepting any assertion that the invitation is bi-partisan.

Better yet fire your damn ambassador. He is an idiot.


This is shaping up nicely…


A BS argument by the Israeli official. We thought this attempt to interfere in US foreign policy was okay with both sides. So we were tricked, but we’re going to do it anyway because we really want to interfere with US foreign policy because our daily dose of $6 million from the US isn’t enough. We want the US to fight our wars, too, even if we start them without US approval.

Netanyahu is such a GOPer-type. Scare everyone silly and get them to go to war, milk every incident for its maximum political fallout no matter if your own people get killed in the blowback. Do anything to maintain power, no matter the consequence for your country. Sickening. Today’s GOP isn’t just partisan, it’s hyper-partisan. I find it hard to believe that any self-respecting journalist can use the old “both sides are equally partisan” canard. The Dems keep trying to be bipartisan and get played and played and played. I hope this time some Dems really stand up and walk out on the speech. That would better than just not attending. Take a stand. I hope Dems who do attend will jeer when Nutan-yahoo takes some potshots at the President (and he will, he will).


So,this piece of shit Israeli is to come before our Congress to sway the members to overide our Presidents veto! WTF!! Stay in Israel you piece of garbage!


The Israeli President should declare Ambassador Ron Dermer persona non grata, and ask him to return to Israel. He has proven to be partisan and has compromised Israel’s national security and foreign policy interests immeasurably. Bibi should cancel his speech because he has been misled by John Boehner and Ron Dermer at the behest of the biblical end-time theologians in the Republican Party.


Interesting strategy to show how right you are about Iran by claiming to be duped by your closest ally. How does that play back home?


Nonetheless, Hanegbi indicated that Netanyahu would still make the March 3 speech, which also comes two weeks before Israeli elections. He said that the speech could still help secure the two-thirds vote needed to override President Obama’s promised veto on any new sanctions on Iran.

Well, that’s a relief. For a second I thought Bibi was concerned that the purpose of the speech might have been partisan.


I realize that many Republicans and their right-wing allies in Israel seem to think that it is the 51st state, but it is in actuality a foreign country. So if, as the deputy foreign minister suggests, the prime minister of that country intends to lobby members of Congress about a piece of legislation under consideration I suggest he first swing by the DOJ and fill out the paperwork necessary to comply with the Foreign Agents Registration Act


These two crass and craven politicians really deserve each other don’t they? Meanwhile, Obama and his policies gain more credibility (as they should)–despite the graceless and disrespectful behavior of these children parading as leaders.


I hope you’re right - on both counts. But I’m not so sure about the second one.
Short of Bloody Bibi getting cold feet, I just don’t see it happening.
Both of these asshats, ours and theirs, hate Obama too much to back down.
Nothing like having our foreign policy run from a foreign country.


This attack is transparently bogus, because the original scheduled date of the speech was Feb. 11. And the invite was extended on Jan. 8. That was likely early enough for Congressional Dems to have accepted and attended the speech. But then Bibi changed the date so he could come when he could also attend the AIPAC conference. He has only himself to blame.