Discussion: Is This Scott Walker's First Presidential Campaign Video?

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“And that’s exactly what states like Wisconsin are doing, leading America’s revival with bold conservative reform and new ideas.”

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Nothing walker ever does will be presidential.

Cut taxes and create jobs.

Ask Brownback how that’s working out.

Oh, that’s just the beginning of the crap he’s spewing.

Conservative ideas? The ones that rob the middle class?


Sounds like he’s making the case for Rick Perry considering Wisconsin is ranked 33rd in private sector job growth.


That’s right! Texas is number one in growth of jobs that don’t pay a living wage!

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Scottie’s going to have to define “a nation adrift” because there’s so much improvement in so many areas since Obama’s been in office. But it makes for a catchy phrase to Kockheads.

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“To reclaim our destiny”

Teatroll Rosetta Stone says: “This was supposed to be a white people country and if you vote for me, I’ll do everything I can to make sure it stays in our white control. We were meant to rule this continent and this planet, shepherding the darkies like our semi-human underlings.”

Make no bones about it…the iterations of their “exceptionalism” crap, “take our country back” and variations on Manifest Destiny and Divine Providence, etc., are ALL meant to convey to the racist white GOP/Teatroll base that “we hear you…brownies are taking over and we’re going to do whatever we can to stop it because the only true ‘we the people’ are white people.”

It’s nice to see Talking Points Memo acknowledge that Walker is indeed running for President. Those of us who live in Wisconsin know he’s had his eye on this prize since his college dropout days at Marquette U. In recent years he’s left a real mark here - first on Milwaukee County, and, since 2010, statewide. None of it is good - not, anyway, to those of us who care about Wisconsin’s once-proud progressive tradition for clean, good government, & for it’s once-strong natural resources protections, & its reputation for good public schools and its excellent UW system. His “big and bold” ideas include voter suppression, privatizing education, low-wage-part-time jobs for a powerless working class, punitive measures for the poor, and a neutered state Department of Natural Resources to correct “burdensome” environmental regulations

I hope TPM will shine a light on Walker’s rise to power - where his support comes from, what he does with it, & the questionable results in Wisconsin. I know many think a Walker run for President is laughable - but those of us who live here, who once thought he was laughable, have learned to respect - and fear - his excellent political skills; make that his incredibly effective political skills. He is often described as “mundane,” but that is a mask, and it works in his favor, disguising his extremes: his ideology, his personal ambition, and his righteous belief that only those who share his conservative vision retain a right to a voice in our government.


Some shit about turning around troubled economies, eliminating huge deficits turning them into surpluses and cutting taxes and creating jobs.

Scott Walker wants to turn America into Kansas.

I don’t get this guy at all - Wisconsin is BURIED in a huge deficit and in horrible shape while the rest of the country is recovering and it all happened on his watch. Is it maniacal ego that he thinks he can run? Or just the usual presidential gravy train grift? Free money while it lasts?

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His last line in video, “…b/c on the 4th of July, we celebrate our independence from the government, not our dependence on it!” I didn’t realize that the 4th is an anti-government holiday.


A “pale pastel” of the “bold colors” of the Reagan message, minus the charisma and a mere 34 years late.

Loved the stock photo blunders! It would be so easy to to dissemble this thing, with pix of Reagan or W. bowing to foreign leaders and headlines of current economic recovery contrasting with the dour words of ruin,“stock photo from Italy! Stock photo from Poland!”…
This calms my fear somewhat, but if this guy somehow creates his own slime trail to the White House, we are so screwed.

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