Discussion: Is The Myth Of 'The Emerging Democratic Majority' Dead?

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The American political system sucks for average people in many ways, but no more than when it allows a state with four people and sixteen cows to have the same number of Senators as one with 20 million people.


It seems that the real Republican advantage is in the states. It’s scary how many state governments they control in whole or in sufficient part to implement the most reactionary policies imaginable. i wonder what the demographers have to say about that.


2016 is going to be a bad year for Democrats. The Democratic Party has gone down a wrong path. 2016 will reveal that the American people no longer support the Dems. In particular, the situations in WI, MI, OH, and IA are hugely Republican dominated. All these states have repeatedly elected R govs and full R slates in the entire state. They all have R senators. Some are now moving to the “EV to the Congressional district” approach. Democrats have lost rural turfs. Why? Support for illegals, lack of support for working class voters.

Where’d you get that from? Joe Scarborough?


Michigan just elected its second D senator, and Ron Johnson will most likely be gone in 2016.


If you aren’t from WI, what is your source of info there? It really depends on who the D party run. Walker has changed the political calculus in WI.

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Give me an example of a policy that the Ds promote which helps working class people. Health care is not one of those, so something else.

You’re being obtuse.
It’s designed to help the working class, and Republicans oppose it…


Because it’s a general policy, not one specifically aimed at the working class.

¨Arguably, few Senate Republicans have a tougher seat to hold onto than Johnson does in Wisconsin.¨


Democrats lose because they refuse to demonize the Republican party. They prefer to attempt to work with these creeps. Republican politicians and their national media actually enjoy ridiculing and demeaning Democrats and almost always use lies when doing so. To win, Democrats must go on the offensive and at every opportunity tell the American that the Republican party hates them and loves only millionaires and corporations.


I don’t live in WI, but we own a house there, and my wife was from the Milwaukee suburbs. All her relatives are Republicans. The rural areas of WI are very Republican. No Ds there at all. The whole issue is the suburbs (like in IL, NY, PA, every state really). The issue that will turn WI R is property taxes. Walker has reduced them. In IL, property taxes are very high (we lived in S IL until 2009). Rauner is going to look at property taxes, and IL will re-elect Kirk as a result. I see the Midwest as moving R at this time. That means that the incredibly stupid policy of illegals-first in the D party will cost them dearly. Illegals do not vote. But illegals drive working class voters to the R party.

Their friends and relatives do.


During the 2014 election, Obama promised to help the illegals and give them amnesty after the election. Result? A huge loss for Dems. CO, where Gardner ran on opposition to illegals, went to Gardner. Cotton in AR ran on opposition to illegals. Opposition to illegals was a winner in 2014. Helping illegals was a loser.

NPR is reporting on Party ID. In 2008, D ID was +30. Today, it is +3. However, that is nationwide, and we vote by states. The EV advantage for D is gone.

Allowing undocumented workers to get “documents” (but not citizenship) actually drives the price of their labor up. Part of the problem has been many of them get paid cash or work for nothing because they know their employer can just rat them out and get new help. Now they don’t have that fear, so it creates more competition.

And let’s not pretend it’s a D issue only. Republicans LOVE cheap labor, and a huge amount of people came over the border during the “house of cards” economic boom from 2000-2006, when the Republicans controlled the Presidency, Senate and House (and SCOTUS). They did squat to address the issue…because cheap labor is good for the wealthy portion of their base. The rest of the base they get on their side by demonizing that same cheap labor. It’s the one thing R’s do well, smear and propaganda.


Since 1986 only 1 Democrat has been elected governor in Wisconsin but since 1988 Wisconsin has consistently voted Democratic in presidential elections. So his election and re-election seem to conform to the particular voting trends in Wisconsin. And if Ron Johnson’s re-election success depends on who is his Democratic opponent then Walker must not be much help for Johnson.


Every last lily white person in this country is from immigrant stock.