Discussion: Is Rick Scott Running Away From His Opposition To Gay Marriage?

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This guy is a such a jaw-droppingly venal idiot that I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on the GOP presidential ticket in 2016.


I like how he thinks rights are derived from public approval.

They aren’t. Rights are often extracted with extreme social dischord from arrogant, unworthy people who are only able to be compelled by the law to behave like civilized human beings.


It is up to the press to continue to take him to task with this stuff. If they don’t they aren’t doing their job.


Did he conduct the interview in Parseltongue?


Jobs of the blow variety?

Scott: Now what’s important to me is that we don’t discriminate against anybody, but I’d be surprised if a court is going to overturn the people.

OK. I assume he’ll also dodge a request for comment when a court does just that.

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He missed the part where we learn that our rights are not subject to a popular vote.

That’s why we call them rights.


Pretty soon, Ricky is gonna start pulling out his pistola during interviews and shooting reporters. Clearly, he feels threatened.

"But what’s important to me is I don’t want anybody discriminated against.”

He particularly doesn’t want people who want to continue discriminating to be discriminated against. Bigots are the ultimate “protected class”.

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We will be saved from the awful possibility by the fact that he is unable to speak more than 2 sentences in public without contradicting himself.

He is the worst public speaker ever and will never get past the primary process unless he can buy his way to the nomination as he did in Florida. Without a script or a talking point he is helpless.


Gov. Rick “Skull Man” Scott, the less than artful dodger…

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I thought Harry Potter took this guy out.


Did he give that whacko death stare?

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Coverage of Charlie Crist has gone missing, if it ever was any at TPM, in the rush to generate insults at the felon running Florida. There also needs to be some coverage of Christ’s running mate, Annette Taddeo, who would become the first Hispanic lieutenant governor.

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“…I’m against any discrimination…”

The whole Party is trying stealth.

They hope their obvious evasions will be misconstrued by the public – with help from the press – as indifference (now) about gay rights.

The truth is no secret. It’s union busting. The truth is in mandated ultrasound probes. They believe they have to deceive the public to gain the power they want.

Rick Scott is a reptile.

I have always said that the 3 words capable of improving the GDP at least a few percentage points are Gay Wedding Registry.

That’s unfair to reptiles everywhere.

Let’s talk about how many times you pled the 5th Amendment when giving testimony on your former insurance company ripping off Medicare.

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