Discussion: Is Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran A Grandee Or A Scalawag?

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The Tea Party has been compared to Astroturf for its artificial grassroots character: the extent to which activists are externally riled up and externally financed. I prefer to think of them as all fertilizer and no weed barrier.

The tension arises because the most skillful Grandee to his own constituents is the lowest form of Scalawag to the Kochs, Scaifes, Foxes and Rushes who forment and finance their Tea Party movement in states where they don’t live.

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Whew! As a midwesterner I didn;t know that the whites in the deep south were still so racist. And two faced, since they hate federal spending except the kind that helps themselves.


And meanwhile, Mississippi will remain a ‘very poor state’ because neither campaign is about ‘ideas’ but about victimhood. Amazing.


No matter which one wins, Mississippi loses.

Which is OK with me.

I don’t understand. Mississippi has elected nothing but Republicans statewide forever, yet they remain at the very bottom of the barrel in almost every measurable index for life expectancy, income, health outcomes, literacy, etc. How is it that the citizens are unaware of the hustle? Conservatism does NOT work, and Mississippi proves it! Maybe they’re all just dumb racist hicks after all?

Two less nuanced but far more prevalent traditions of the Deep South are ignorance and bigotry.

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They hate that spending too. Because it goes to those people.

Anything they get is what was deserved. But anything extra goes to those people. And they can tell which dollars are which. Their preachers and politicians tell them.


It would work if the other 49 states weren’t full of librul homos who control the world!!!

Just joking. It’s actually just plain Gun, Guns, Gays/Negroes. That’s it.

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Brilliant, the title uses two words I never heard used against another person through nine years in Mississipi- in fact, Grandee,

More reporting and less editorializing, please

(sic) in fact, Grandee I have never heard used

Hypocrites, all of them. They want want gummint out of their lives until they can lobby it for corporate welfare or handouts to rich landowners.

Oh, and thankfully they used to be “Democrats”…

“…that’s of an out of touch Senator who’s not only abandoned his home state but more cuttingly abandoned his wife.”

About what they said thrice-married staff-banging, serial-adulterer, and noted Catholic theologian, Newt Gingrich.

Oh, wait. They didn’t.

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Please tell me there’s a credible Democrat who can run against McDaniel?

Some people say Daddy was a cad and a bounder. I remember him as a Baptist minister

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“Forever” only started around 1970; before then, it was (Southern) Democrats back to ante-Bellum days.

But your point is well taken - same people types, different party labels.

9 yeahs? You, Suh, ah not a true son a’ Missippi!

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He, Suh, is from Geohgia! An’ they ah proud a’ theah Sodom city, Atlantuh!

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True, it would be much more accurate to say they’ve elected nothing but conservatives forever.