Discussion: Is Michigan's GOP Gov Ducking His Party's Struggling Senate Candidate?

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Not surprising, given Snyder’s execrable attempt at governance.

And a note to Dylan Scott—

The word “disinterested” means impartial.
You should have used the word “uninterested,” which means that Snyder didn’t give a shit.


A loser backing away from a loser.


Land is a traitor to her gender and a Koch brother stooge. Land’s anti women views are disgusting. Repub women will not be treated well in history. It’s not about them and their anti women views, it’s about the future of women in our country. Repubs like Land want to just drag us back to the 1950s.

As for Synder ducking Land, the question should be why is he ducking Dem candidate Mark Schauer? Synder doesn’t want to debate him and it shows.



“She trails Peters by an 1.8 percentage points, according to TPM’s PollTracker average,”

RCP shows her down by 4 points, and that’s with a lot of questionable polling places filling up their numbers. Ras for example has her down by 6 points.


“Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder ® has been one of the shining stars of the 2010’s Republican gubernatorial class.”

An obvious lie in the face of the group’s known quality, destructive behavior in place of governing. Snyder is the typical ramrod straight ideologue governor and Land the Palin type female.


Get real Davy. Women in Michigan know she is their enemy when it comes to rights.


Polls have been bad this year, but based on this it’s hard to see her winning.

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He not ducking her more than every single Democratic Senate nominee is ducking the President.

He is so bad that in a state that voted for a liberal democrat, President Obama, by 10% in 2012 and 16% in 2008, they are still supporting this out of the mainstream right wing incompetent fool.

Maybe it is you that is really out of the mainstream?

Oh, I am not disagreeing at all there. My point is that she is further behind in the polls than the article indicates.

Its part of a bigger trend I have been noticing to either overstate republican support or just gloss over the actual polling in a race.

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Can you give us that in English, please?

Well, ‘ignoring a Senate candidate’ sounds lots bettter than 'throwing women and children out of a lifeboat."

…he’s only doing what the KochBoys tell him to do…

Beware, DaveyJones

Poll-dancing is hazardous to your mental health.


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