Discussion: Is Criminal Justice Reform Too Easy A Target For Conservatives?

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"I don’t think we are in the same political climate as the Willie Horton [moment] was. I think enough people recognize that we’ve passed that tipping point and the system is broken," Jessica Jackson, the national director of #Cut50, told TPM. The goal of #Cut50 is to reduce the prison population by 50 percent in 10 years.

As Louisiana’s senate race has already proven, there aren’t enough good souls in the halls of power to counteract the usual ‘stupid human tricks’ that most politicians have no problem being a part of.

Seeing how Vitter already made his intentions known (though again in an election year), should he win against Edwards, then this reform coalition is frankly toast.


Republicans are the party of the national id. Put under any pressure, they lose the capacity for rational thought.


Don’t ever be fooled by GOP rhetoric.


I think the incarceration reform movement has hurt Vitter.

The Koch brothers want to empty the prisons and take another tax cut.

So incarceration reform is on Vitter’s web site. His anti-crime message is robbed of it’s vitality. The African Americans are as annoyed with the racial overtones as ever.

I live in America…

and??? You aren’t making a commercial here…say what you gotta say.


This is a trick question, right?


This will be hard to sell just because of the base vs reality. In many respects reform is needed to help the system economically and morally. However, the conservative base is very much the lock them away answer to nearly everything. Except if religion is involved, and then locking Muslims up is fine…

It is amusing because the libertarian guys should be all for this without exception.


The Libertarian guys are for it now that they see how much tax money is wasted on the War On Drugs.

If there is a was to cut costs while blaming Democrats for being soft of crime at the same The GOP will find it.

A good way to present this from the Democrat perspective is to say that we are very much in favor of being “tough on crime”, but we need to define better what are truly “crimes”. That will ensure violent people are not released early due to overcrowding caused by locking up people who just should not be locked up.


Another reason to vote Republicans out of office.

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An apt photo accompanying a story dealing with extremely cruel and obnoxious Republicans.

The man who is my second-chosen individual for my fantasy knuckle-sandwhich administering.

There are no Libertarians - there are only “libertarians”.

None of them really believe the things they’re saying.


Republican support for criminal justice reform runs about as deep as getting the banker’s son’s DUI expunged and having those rape charges dismissed against the star quarterback. That is all,


That picture of Carny Cruz…Wow. That is one smarmy punchable face, I must say…


Plucky made an observation about Cruz as a candidate and his unattractiveness a few days ago. I believe that, even for Baggers, this is one Creepy fucker.


Last I looked, the cost cutting went straight into their pocket.

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“We’ve got private prison-sess to fill…”

I think the Koch brothers want to empty government prisons, in order to fill for-profit prisons which they (and their friends) will own and run.