Discussion: IRS Commissioner To Testify About Ex-Official's Lost Emails

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I’m sure that will settle the matter.


And down the rabbit hole the Right Wing Echo Chamber goes! I’m sure a conspiracy over the cover up of the lost email will trigger another Select Committee.

Remember, they just lost Benghazi.


First Lois Lerner pleads the 5th, now her emails are missing. Imagine that!!! But we all should believe that there was no Democrat’s plot to target Republicans via IRS. Democrats are sure going to great lengths to cover up this “non-existent scandal”.

Which Republican groups lost their tax-exempt status as a result of this insidious targeting?


The real issue, one of them anyway, is that IRS employees had to archive their emails to their local hard drive because they didn’t have enough resources to add disk space to their server. I wonder if they’re still doing that?


I believe the only group to be denied tax exempt status was a liberal group.


Issa needs to stop fishing and go back to arson.


And I want to know when Issa is going to conduct hearings to find out why these liberal groups were being targeted by the IRS.

This is another one of those instances in which I advise the RWNJ’s to find out, before they get all riled up about something, whether the thing they’re getting all riled up about is true. “Only right-wing groups were targeted!!” Not true. “Right-wing groups had their tax exemptions revoked!!” Not true.

A whole array of tax-exempt groups were asked to provide more information to determine whether they really qualified for their exemptions. They provided the information, and the IRS was generally satisfied with the answers. So this is a scandal? How, exactly?

(And BTW, if I were called before an Issa committee to testify about whether the sun rose this morning, I’d take the Fifth. You’d have to be a moron not to.)


I’m sure you know this already but the problem can be traced to the Treasury Department changing the wording for tax exempt organizations from “exclusively” to “primarily” engaged in social welfare activities.

Ted Cruz was the first person I saw calling for a special prosecutor after the hard drive story broke and since then Ron Fournier has made it his personal cause. Yesterday Charles Krauthammer compared the crashed hard drive to Rosemary Woods deleting 18 minutes of Nixon’s oval office recordings.

Those people are nuts.


unless Koskinen says “Obama ordered the whole thing and Michelle deleted Lois’ email” cons will insist the truth is still hidden


Aha! This is what the Benghazi arrest was supposed to distract us from!


and Republicans are, at best, incompetent investigators and, more likely, making s**t up hoping something sticks.


ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…Wake me up when its over.

While you are at it investigate the WH loss of emails under Bush, remember Scotter Lindsey and Cheney.


As I understand it, progressive groups were targeted at the same rate as the Tea Party groups, but true to what I’ve been saying, the media will go with whatever narrative gives them the most opportunity to fill air time with outrage and controversy. The GOP gives them that, on this, or any story. Democrats are more concerned with being above it all. Also, when Democrats had subpoena power and had actual war crimes to investigate, they chickened out. The GOP will subpoena anyone over any made up controversy, and the media rewards them.

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Democrats could have when they held the gavel but didn’t have the stones.

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I have a theory. I bet the emails are with the 30,000 emails that went missing from the Bush Whitehouse.

The agency is still using Windows XP and Compaq (!) computers. Even Lois was a holdover from the previous Administration, and she doesn’t look all that computer-literate. But there must be some powerful stuff in Darrell’s water. He’s even got a person I know at the agency believing all his mess. But then he also believes the latest African ebola outbreak is bigger than antibiotic-resistant staph here lol