Discussion: Int'l Commission Demands Answers On Immigrant Family Separations

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Remember when Obama went on that whole Please Forgive Us for Bush tour? Well we’re gonna need about three Obamas when this is all over.


“You being reunified with your child should not depend on you signing up for voluntary departure."

Bravo to the international community for stating this so clearly.


This is why the US recently withdrew from the UN Human Rights Commission. This administration does not believe in human rights. Therefore, any claims that the US is violating basic human rights of immigrants is fake news.


The article attributes that quote to Efrén Olivares with the Texas Civil Rights Project.


Thanks for providing that clarification. (I read too quickly and attributed the quote to an international spokesman.)

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No problem. It’s “Bravo” to everybody who stands up for their civil rights.


I guess we will withdraw from the OAS next. We are quickly becoming a pariah nation, and tRump thinks this is winning?


According to Jonathan Blitzer from the New Yorker this maladminsitration has been planning this for over a year. Over a year to get their shit together and this is how they roll?

Who among us trusts that the WH can reunite kids with their parents?
Who among us would deport a child without parent and think this is good?

Again there will be lawsuits and yet not one single person will go to jail for this.

@dommyluc fucking shitbags-put it on my account


You know perfectly well, brown people have no “civil rights”. And white people who question that had better hope they don’t get a knock on the door at 2 AM.

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I may have to take out a second mortgage.



When this goes to court, and it will, I want to see the plans. I want to see how Nielsen, Azar, and Sessions planned for this. I want to see if they did any announcements outside the US. And Trump’s tweets and speeches should be allowed to show intent.


This whole matter, including Trump, Nielsen, Azar, and Sessions should be referred to the International Criminal Court in the Hague.


Nicki Haley thinks she handled this by pulling us out of the UN Human Rights Commission. Little did she or any of the other Best and Brightest that work for Trump realize that just walking away doesn’t free you from personal responsibility on the world stage. Putin and Israel haven’t gotten away with it and neither will the Republicans who put this Zero Tolerance policy into motion. Oh, how low in the gutter the Conservative Movement has sunk.


Crimes against humanity Donald? Your hero Hitler was guilty of separating parents and children as well. And your BFF niche, a.k.a. Benedict Arnold is a cancer on our democracy. Donald Trump and his cabinet all are traitors to our country.

Haley=Total tool! Underqualified hack!

Please let the miserable job you are doing now sink your career. You deserve no second act.