Discussion: Intel Chiefs Refuse To Confirm If Trump Asked Them To Help Kill Flynn Probe

But how about asking this question: did the “president” clear the room to ask you a question or want you to do something…How can that not be answered, I don’t think that’s confidential…and we can conclude it happened…come on dems get it going.


“Government of the people, by the people, for the people” has perished from these United States.

We are no longer allowed to know what our government is doing, and those who try to tell us are imprisoned.


No Fitzmas this year.


More winning for the Trump coverup. At what point do we start using the word “coup”?


“I am not going to discuss the specifics of any interaction or conversations I may or — if I could finish please — that I may not have had with the President of the United States.”

Or, to put it more briefly, “Yes.”


By refusing to admit Trump asked them to kill the Russia treason investigation, these witnesses are playing a dangerous game, unless it’s their intent to admit the facts in a confidential congressional committee meeting, or, possibly, were told to say nothing by Mueller until the indictments start being issued.


I am told that >90% of the officer’s corps in the military is Republican.
I’ll bet that the overwhelming majority of those at NSA, FBI are Republican and a good majority at CIA.
This is a danger no one seems to talk about.
Even if they despise this man, they’ll circle the wagons.


They both phrased their responses in a specific way: they weren’t directed to kill it or felt pressure to kill it. These would be truthful representations had Trump buffoonishly floated the idea that they kill it, and they laughed him off.

But buffoonishly floating the idea of obstructing justice, is, I think, still obstruction of justice.


A few partisan rats are tenaciously clinging to the sinking ship but the fact remains, the ship is sinking. Trump has committed high crimes and misdemeanors that merit impeachment. The fact that partisan career government employees refuse to bluntly accuse the Orange Oaf in no way lessens the fact.


By not telling the whole truth, withholding information, stonewalling and obfuscating, these folks are putting not just our democracy but our national security and the lives of our military in great danger. They are defending a traitor, someone who has committed treason, someone who is setting up clandestine covert communication channels with our enemies and sharing national security intelligence to the Russians and the Saudis.


That was a heck of a hit on Coats. Yes , No would be a simple answer and I cannot see how that would be violating his principle.


Its almost like these pricks are taking the 5th. Fuck them. They’re on the loyalty bandwagon for the Pissident and not the American people. I’ve been watching through 3 Senators and about 10 minutes worth and they’re basically offering nothing to each and every question. What a waste. These fuckers aren’t providing anything of import imo. Its looking like a partisan affair as well.


“In the three plus years that I have been the director of the National Security Agency, to the best of my recollection, I have never been directed to do anything I believe to be illegal, immoral, unethical or inappropriate,”

If the President did not direct you Admiral, did he ask about ways to end the investigation?


What does Trump have on you that would entice you to decline to answer?


Wow, Martin Heinrich has done the best questioning job so far, IMO.

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Trump and the Fright-wing have their sound bites now. So their jobs are safe. Well done traitors.


What does Trump have on you that would entice you to decline to answer?

Ummmm… at a guess: a pay check.

CNN chyron says “Intel Chief Never Felt Pressured.”

Trump wins.


Not sure if that is the case. I am almost hearing that there is something contingent that answering would complicate. Notice I said complicate. Coats should be in no way compromised to have responded in the negative to the questions. And his handling of the questions was really uncomfortable for him. Watch the body language. There is something going on in my opinion.