Discussion: Inside The Senate GOP's Self-Made Debacle On Sex Trafficking And Abortion

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GOP2 = Groinally Obsessive Platform x Gerontologically Obstinate Perverts


The Republicans are the proverbial snakes in the grass – and they deserve all scorn for this. That stated, I am very disappointed in the Democrats for not picking up on this from the day one. Something does not add up here. Was only the memo read? – And did or did not said memo contain a list of all proposed changes? I am having a difficult time believing this type of change was added from the beginning and that the other side (Dems) was properly notified (meaning said memo). Again, the Repubs are snakes–and they’ve proven that multiple times lately–and I do not trust them one bit. Did they or did they not properly notify the Dems of all changes, no matter how miniscule?


Characteristically Republican: If stealth doesn’t work, fall back on threats and blackmail.


It’s like watching Wiley Coyote chasing the Road Runner.
Over the cliff, under a rock or slammed by a truck.
They need a new ACME instruction book I think. lol


In hindsight, Harry Reid is starting to look like a pretty damn good majority leader!


“…[McConnell] threatened to delay a vote on attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch…”

So his plan is to force acceptance of a measure unrelated to the bill under consideration by threatening a process completely unrelated to the bill.

Inept. That’s a good word.


Every piece of nonsense the new kids in the Oligarch caucus come up with just HAS to be tried out, no matter how destructive, futile or moronic.

‘Look, I’ve been here for decades; Reid isn’t a house plant and Murray, Sanders, Boxer, Brown, Whitehouse, Franken, Schumer, none of that bunch are mushrooms. They’ll notice, I guarantee they’ll notice, and then they’ll make us look like morons in front of everyone with a brain. You don’t just waltz in here from Bugtussle Arkencackalaxy, pull crap like cheap bully tactics and stupid stunts you pulled off on the Moonshine Valley zoning council.’

  • But, Mitch, I wasn’t here before and I’m the New Smarty the press says so and have you ever really TRIED? [Mitch groans.] Look - I got this long long long list of promises I made to the Teaps and this is on that list: we HAVE to try it,

I have to admit to being confused here, so perhaps someone could explain. What exactly is this abortion language in the bill? If it simply re-states the Hyde amendment, what is the objection? On a more general note, isn’t human trafficking already illegal? Surely it violates laws against kidnapping, rape, slavery and many others; is this entire bill just grandstanding or does it accomplish something?


I predicted all along that the Republicans would never confirm Lynch’s appointment and they would pull every trick in the book to derail her.


Yes, there are lots and lots of laws perfectly adequate and suitable for doing all that needs doing to pursue and punish human trafficking. This new bill supposedly was ‘sold’ as some sort of non-controversial team-building exercise - which now is being ‘sold’ as somehow being perverted by pressure from a Republican splinter group, but I think that’s complete bull: this was designed from the beginning as the battlefield of a phony made-up war to placate the Jesus Wants Y’All To Be a Billionaire ignorant sanctimonious snake-fondling pan-spermic pro-zygote / anti-actual live people Base.

The majoirty R caucus doesn’t need to WIN this stupid phony war. It just needs to be seen by the Base as putting up the good under-handed cretinous race-baiting fight. As soon as the ‘hotness’ level of this phony controversial gets out of the media cycle and some hot new thing comes along to replace, it’ll be abandoned.

But they’re gonna keep screwing over the Lynch nomination for months and months and months to come. There’s just no downside for them; they ain’t getting support from black women or blacks or women anyway, so why not show the GOP can slap down dey bitches at will?


Mitch McConnell and Tim Cotton should write a letter addressed to all the pimps in the world. That should end human trafficking.


The entire Dem contingent needs to have an admin or intern teach them how to search a document for specific key words. Run every version of a bill through such a search every time one comes up for consideration. “Abortion” being the first key word, but surely there are many more Republican weasel words to look out for as well. I did learn one useful thing from Reagan: Trust, but verify.


But, by holding up Lynch, all that means is that Holder stays in office,…


Another example of why we need “Clean Bills” that can be debated & voted on. This sort of tactic is just despicable!!!


Too much fundraising = sloppy legislating


I’m not sure what you’re confused about. The Democrats relied on a memo from Republican staffers identifying all the changes and this one wasn’t included.


My point in all that is this: The Republicans introduced a bill with an addendum memo with the understanding (verbal or written in the memo?) that these five little “technical” changes are the only changes from the bill from last year? If the Republicans actually did that–and I’d not at all be surprised–then they just be justifying my snake comment. (Sorry to the real snakes). But, seriously, the Democratic Senators or staffers didn’t verify that that really was the way the bill was written – like the “memo” purported?

I guess that, in a nutshell, I’m not fully believing some of the Dems didn’t know about this and devised a plan to just let it sit and simmer until said time they can call foul. I think Avattoir might be right: Republicans had no intention on giving Ms. Lynch an easy (but fair) ride – but just so long as they can still verbally kick Mr. Holder around and cry “overreach” again. Right now, Mr. Holder isn’t known to be in the middle of some really controversial case – so they don’t mind letting Ms. Lynch’s heels cool just like they planned to do, but now have found their “reason” for doing so…

Republicans… even their shadows emit a foul odor.


I’m not surprised in the least.