Discussion: Inside The Search For The 468 Parents Deported Without Their Children

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They said 2,000 people were involved in the rescue effort for those Thai soccer players. We should have 2,000 people working to reunite these families, but instead, we have trump Administration officials shrugging their shoulders…


Crime against humanity. 2,500 separate counts. Against everyone in the administration who so much as KNEW about this atrocity and failed to scream bloody murder about it immediately.

Put each and every one in shackles in public then ship them to the Hague.

There are no obscenities strong enough.


I realize that Judge Sabraw is trying …but I need him to question the DoJ lawyers what was this maladministration’s plans for these children that were left behind?


Unfortunately , the children that are missing are in Dumpy*s Pedophile System .

Probably the least bad they can hope to salvage at this point, is to get the kids adopted into families where they’ll be less vulnerable to child sex predators. Except the foster system and adoption processes are broken too.

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These people are EVIL. They take away people’s kids, they take away families’ health insurance, they take away workers’ overtime pay, their access to effective birth control, you name it.

And never forget that the Republican Party completely enables this. The opposition of even a few Republican Senators would bring the whole thing down. Ain’t happening.

99 days.


And the biggest human trafficker in the world right now is… the United States government. The Repubs and evangelicals should be so proud.


It’s too effin’ hard to even turn over information to third parties, much less obey the law themselves. But let a noncitizen fail to dot a single i during their immigration process, and out they go.


“The government created this mess but they’re leaving it to civil society to clean up,” she said.

While donnie gives billions to buy back the support of the farmers.


This unimaginable cruelty is the symbol of the Trump administration. POTUS and his minions are monsters.


This continues to stand out in U.S. History as one of the most innately evil acts the government has been involved in.

Evil to its core.


Sociopathic cruelty in the name of the US government.

Any parent loves his/her child greatly, but for these very poor people, their treasured children are all that they have; the entirety of their lives resides in those little kids more than can be imagined. The entire asylum-seeking effort is to save their kids. And this utterly damnable “administration” steals their children and then throws the parents back to the hellholes that they started from.

The midterms are our only hope, and that of so many people outside of the US as well.


Nielsen should be caged until all the children (even the ones HHS/DOJ is not talking about) are safely back with their parents and all abuse allegations are investigated.
She would be locked up for years.
And Kelly should be kicked out of his job for inflicting his girlfriend on the country.


He knows that there was no plan, and exposing that just may make the Trump administration stop any cooperation they are grudgingly giving. I’m sure there are individual government workers who are aghast at what happened and trying to make it right, but the administration as a whole only wanted to hurt the families, so they had no reason to consider what to do with the kids after they were taken.

In any other administration this would be front page news and cause major Congressional investigations…it not being is an indication of how unhinged the news is every day, and how the Republicans care not at all what happens as long as they keep power.

This is outrageously cruel. It’s simply indescribable how this country set about destroying the lives of these children and their families. They separated these families as if it were nothing at all and there was no meaning for the kids and parents. There HAS to be appropriate blow back to this, and I am not talking about the upcoming elections. That only partly satisfies some punishment for the hideousness of the separations. This is crimes against humanity, next stop rightfully, should be the Hague.