Discussion: Inmate Died After 7 Days In NYC Cell, Denied Medication

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What do people expect to happen when you turn jails into the dumping ground for the mentally ill.

Start making the staffs culpable for negligent homicide in cases like this. Prosecute literally everyone who was involved in this as part of a criminal conspiracy, especially the supervisors on duty in that unit. Every CO who looked in the window and then did nothing should be looking out from inside a cell, as should the medical staff in that unit.

Start locking up these people and prosecuting them, and I guarantee you that conditions will improve rapidly and radically.

No consolation for his family, but I hope they sue the asses off whoever is responsible. This is worth many millions.

When someone is incarcerated FOR ANY REASON, their well-being is the full responsibility of the jailers. No buck-passing possible.

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Where is the personal responsibility of the prison guards? Do those guards that looked into his cell so unresponsive because they have moral sense at all?

One could argue that all incarcerated people are mentally ill inasmuch as they are unable to function in normal society because they are a danger to themselves or other people. Some have the capability of changing the behaviors that got them locked up. Those that do not end up in and out of the system for life.

And then we have a separate exempt class of people who can write a check to avoid prosecution. They pollute our air and water. They knowingly send workers to suffer injuries and illness. They deny medicine to those who can not afford the extortion of monopoly pricing.

Don’t even get me started on the politicians.

What is or is not a crime appears to be rather capricious in our society.

Whose karma is this?

Which is going to cost less? Paying out law suits or making true reforms?

There’s your answer.