Discussion: Indiana Officials Scramble To Contain Fallout From New Anti-Gay Bill

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What a surprise! Passing a law which says we endorse your right to inflict your bigotry on other people going about their daily lives has consequences? Who knew!


avoid indiana. do not travel to indiana. do not spend money with indiana businesses.

and to the good people of indiana, VOTE the hate-mongers out of office.


Well. I’m staying out of Indiana, despite a possible family wedding there in a year or two, and I’m boycotting any business that I find out does business in Indiana. Just my little personal protest.


Oh, please. There is only one reason for these laws and that is to allow religious bigots to refuse service to gay people. They started springing up as soon as courts recognized same sex marriage and few florists and bakers refused to serve gay couples. To pretend it is anything else is flat out lying. It’s going to cost a couple of Oregon bakers $150,000 because they refused to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple.


“This ‘license-to-discriminate’ argument that seems to have this
relentless repetition is just legally wrong,” Conkle said Friday. “It is
as if you just keep repeating something often enough it takes on a life
of its own.”

Oh really?

Well, Mr. Conkle, you can dress this pig up as you will but it will still be a pig. The sponsors of this bill specifically touted the ability to use this legislation to legalized discrimination.


if this law isnt enacted to discriminate against gays over religion then why enact it in the first place? What the hell is wrong with all these gay hating christians?


From the Chgo Tribune:

Except in the dozen or so Indiana municipalities that ban discrimination based on sexual orientation, Indiana businesses are already allowed to refuse services to same-sex couples, whether or not they have a religious reason.

The major Indiana cities have protections for LGBT folks, but the rest of the state does not. And that’s not good enough.


The idea that this is just about protecting people of faith and not about discrimination was disproved in Georgia when some a very clever and courageous Republican representative took them at their word and inserted an amendment saying the “religious freedom” bill would not allow discrimination that is prohibited by state or federal law. The proponents whined that would gut the purpose of the bill - revealing their intent - and then tabled the bill.


How does this asshat Conkle say he supports gay rights but then endorses discrimination against them?


claims are overblown

Pence wants claims that are blown just right.


Supporters of the bill that Republican Gov. Mike Pence signed Thursday say discrimination claims are overblown.
You either serve LGBT people or not .


Hate is awesome, but it’s sooo much better if it’s codified in law.


krusher and edhedh,

Don’t stop with Indiana. Remember “think global, act local”? I try to boycott both large companies and locally owned business that discriminate. For instance, I am an artist and avid craftsman, but I never enter Hobby Lobby. I know that my small protest doesn’t hurt them so much, but I also preach and teach (but only to the teachable) and others join the protest. Besides, whether they notice or not, it is, and has always been, about the principle of the thing. I just don’t want my poor pittance going to enrich some son-of-a-bitch who institutionalizes his hate.


Is this an ALEC sponsored, or ALEC designed bill? How do such similar bills get proposed in so many states almost simultaneously? Is the wording near-identical between the Arkansas and Indiana bills?


Ha ha! Fuck you very much! It’s great to be here! I still can’t get over how they have managed to hitch bigotry to religion so openly and with such alacrity! A perfect storm! “[S]tate-sanctioned waiver for discrimination.” PRICELESS! Well done.


Yes, and notice that this bill, as with other recent versions is designed to ban or invalidate local or state laws that would specifically bar discrimination. The Republican Rep in Georgia did us all a big favor.


I think Pence/Indiana must list one or two of the “substantial burdens” to the religious beliefs of the people, businesses and associations of Indiana that have occurred or that Pence worries will occur as toady Indiana wingers ‘suffer’ bad press and Indiana gay people suffer actual discrimination.
I do worry that this will make David Koch’s evenings at the Met a tad awkward…


Think globally, protest locally!


How about a compromise? The pious whack jobs get their religious freedom bill and we get to tax their churches out of existence. That seems fair to me.