Discussion: Indiana Gov. Pence Poised To Sign Controversial 'Religious Freedom' Bill

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Sooner or later, gay-hating christianists and their Republic buddies are gonna run out of legal and other means to go after gay people. Who they gonna go after then? Huh?

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That’s okay…I’m waiting for someone to realize what some of these bills actually say and start turning away Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, Black, Asian, and Pagan customers.


Maybe someone will hang a sign out on the door of their business stating “Sorry, no bible-banging fundies served here.”


I’d love to see that…I know I’d do it if I owned a business.

These sorts of anti-gay; anti-immigrant; anti-[insert “other”]; anti-“fact” laws are like trying to squeeze a handful of sand. The harder you squeeze, the more the sand slips through your fingers.

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Hate: It’s what’s for dinner.


The most ridiculous part of this embarrassment to my home state is that several large employers have come out against this bill. Governor Pence claims to be all pro-jobs and pro-business but when actual businesses tell him this will hurt Indiana’s image and hurt their ability to land top talent? Suddenly “pro-business” takes a backseat to “religious persecution justified by misreading the Bible.” It sure would be nice if he’d concentrate on growing business or our crumbling roads instead of this garbage.


Indiana is the Mississippi of the midwest.

When will these people understand that baking a cake is not a sacrament and doesn’t have protected religious status?

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In recent years I’ve come to despise the use of the RFRA and did some quick research. The original purpose was to strengthen the case of Native Americans in religious activities and protection of sacred areas as a previous law wasn’t strong enough. In 1993 it was passed unanimously by the House and 97-3 in the Senate. Later the Supreme Court ruled that it applied to federal agencies only, and it was up to individual states if they wanted to pass a similar law.

Now we’re seeing how its use has been perverted so that religious groups can discriminate against minorities. Of course there is no way to enact a different type law with this Congress.


Exactly. I’d like to hear an actual justification for how cake-baking for a same-sex couple constitutes a substantial burden on religious activity. Unfortunately, challenges under RFRA and state mini-RFRAs pretty much never focus on the burden; courts are WAY too willing to just accept that a litigant is burdened just because they say that they’re burdened.

Also, it’s certainly interesting that cake-baking for a same-sex couple is a monstrous violation of a baker’s right to practice his/her religion, but I haven’t heard a lot of similar claims about (for example) cake-baking for a divorcee who’s remarrying. Shouldn’t that also condemn a Catholic baker’s soul to eternal torment?

If I were a religion, I’d be ashamed to have my practitioners using me as a shield for their bigotry. I guess that’s why I’m not a religion.

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" Excuse me Sir , are you straight ? "
" Yes I am "
" Sorry Sir , we don’t serve straight people " .

If businesses can get away with not serving gay people because of religion, than businesses can also not serve those who are anti gay based on religion also. Some religions believe all people are equal whoever they are.

I believe in you. I baked cakes for you. I even ate them, all for you. Now give me my eternal paradise, you cheap bastid, and don’t try to weasel out of it by claiming you aren’t a religion.


Enough already with the gays and the cakes and the laws. Whats next, Puff pastry? Danish? I mean…where does it end?!

I have to say that when the partner and I married last October in Indiana the people we encountered could not have been nicer. The courthouse people, the Judge were more than cordial. The Judge chatted with us for about 15 minutes after the ceremony and, among other things, spoke of the economic boom gay marriage had brought to his little town. Afterwards we had lunch in a one-woman organic, gourmet bistro in a library near the courthouse where our business surely appeared to be appreciated. We felt welcomed by these Hoosiers if not their Governor and State Legislature.

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Not enough people believed in me and I had to give it up to spend more time with my family.


If you parked Indiana between Alabama and Mississippi it would fit seamlessly. It’s a Southern state despite its spot on the globe. Northern Kentucky if you will. Ranks in the top percentiles for people with STDs, obesity, cigarette consumption, domestic violence, high school drop outs, college graduates fleeing the state for jobs elsewhere and a few dozen other disreputable categories. Just a miserable shit stain on the map.