Discussion: In Wake Of Trump's Iran Deal Exit, Bush Warns Against American Isolationism

When W makes sense…


I’m sorry, but really. In two days we’ve had advice on foreign policy from W, and advice on torture from Cheney. I think we’ve had quite enough from them both on these and any other topics.


“One cannot rise to be in many ways the leading community in the civilized world without being involved in its problems, without being convulsed by its agonies and inspired by its causes.”

“One cannot rise to be in many ways the leading community in the civilized world without decimating a great many wedding parties, street fairs, hospitals and schools by raining hellfire on them from the sky.”


Well, George, you paved the way with your stupid, criminal, incompetently managed, brutal invasion of Iraq. When you shoulder some of the blame, then maybe–maybe–we’ll listen to you.


Trump’s foreign policy is exactly what you would of a lone wolf real estate developer. His is a unitary vision of the world. Unitary thinkers, kings, queens, princes, dictators and real estate tycoons have been supplanted by people with a collective vision. Along comes Trump. He doesn’t understand the world has evolved. The 18th century is long over. Empires have given way to bigger and stronger organizations that don’t recognize isolation. At the end of the time of empires the United States emerged as world leader. Trump is pissing that role away, mostly because he doesn’t understand it


Shrub made these remarks while receiving a distinguished leadership award for his AIDS efforts in Africa during his presidency.

Elsewhere in his speech he said, “Every human life is precious.”

Irony, she burns.

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It’s what the voters wanted. It isn’t Trump that wished it was 1842 again, it’s the nation writ large.

Downtrodden, impoverished and oppressed. It’s what people aspire to, as is amply demonstrated by their exercise of the franchise.


Somebody should have thrown a shoe at him. But thanks for the mealy-mouthed Trump critique, safely given 2 days after it might have had some impact. Useless to the end.


It crazy when the evil empire of the past comes to the front lines to explain everything to us.
Bush and cheney.
when does war monger rummy chime in??? soon I expect

Damn… What have we, as a country become??? Looking to W for words of wisdom??

Meanwhile, Trump, at a rally, wants to be president for more than two terms and his toady base ejaculates in total bliss…

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God help us. Bush the Lesser is making sense.

I think I’m feeling sick.


Isolationism?? I don’t think so. The pulling out of the Iran deal isn’t isolationism, it’s a prelude to war; regime change and nation building. It’s what Bolton and the neocons want, it’s what Israel wants, its what Trump wants, and it’s what the “War President”, W, loved to do

Yeah Donald needs to lie cheat and steal to get other countries to believe what he’s doing is helping the world, like Bush and Cheney did to gain support to invade Iraq after 9/11 without any real need other than oil.

Mueller hurry up with Donald and then go after Bush and Cheney…

George W. Bush cites Winston Churchill quote that doesn’t exist

Not surprising, as many other things about his presidency also did not exist: statesmanship, intelligence. gravitas, accountability, truth…