Discussion: In Wake of Cousin's Fatal Shooting, Dwyane Wade Speaks Out

I found what Wade said the day before his cousin, Nykea Aldridge, was killed to be more profound.

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Thoughts and condolences to the family, D-Wade. Please excuse the pathetic troll trying to capitalize on this tragedy.


All those in favor, vote Republican.

They’ve got a plan to keep it going.

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“Police are questioning witnesses in the shooting but had no suspects in custody.”

However, one of the Chicago Police Department’s “top” officers, Lieutenant John Barron, said not to worry, because he would personally find and arrest the shooter and all of his accomplices within just “one week.”


AP article fails to note that “Trump” meaning someone on his campaign staff waited to tweet “his condolences” until five hours after the original tweet trying to gain political advantage from the families tragedy and only after receiving considerable criticism for not first expressing sympathy for the family.

Pretty clear someone at AP is in the bag for Trump.

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This was their tweet about the story (I don’t know if this might have been the original headline on the piece itself):

Curious to know the time lag between that self-serving, i-told-you-so tweet and the condolences one. Although both could be self serving.

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