Discussion: In Switch, Gay Rights Issue Is Boost To Dems

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Well duh. Voters (other than Republicans) tend to vote for people who support them and to vote against people who disrespect them.

dont ya just love when karma kicks hate’s ass with steel toe boots !!!


You can stand athwart history, yelling Stop all you want, but eventually all you’re going to have for your efforts is wet underwear.

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Own it Democrats!

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“They want to bait Republicans into talking about the issue in a way that ties them to a negative, national Republican brand,” said Kevin Madden, a Republican strategist who hasn’t taken a position on gay marriage. “They need to stir up their base and create outrage.”

Yep, that’s exactly right. You set yourselves up for this two decades ago. Suck it, Republicans.


Karma’s coming to get you, Republicans! So sweet.