Discussion: In Mosul, Radicals Unleash Grim Vision

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Too bad the Arabs in Gaza don’t affect their societal turf in the same way. So, let’s take a page from the IDF and send warning explosions, to Mosul, then just obliterate the thing.

The Whabbists are a sect and wholly owned constituency of the house of Saud. They began this ‘crusade’ against shrines etc. in the late 1800s near the gulf of Suez and were lauded, abetted by Faisal (the one from Lawrence of Arabia). http://samslifeinjeddah.wordpress.com/2013/03/13/grandmother-eve-buried-in-jeddah/

Pathetic that the US sides always, with the king makers no matter the oppression, in the name of moral superiority.

Thanks GOD for Obama and Kerry, otherwise there would be no sane voices at all.

Netanyahu’s determined to destroy completely, every tunnel in Gaza which besides enabling Hamas, serve as the ONLY routes of commerce into the worlds largest open air internment. http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2012/12/gaza-tunnels/verini-text

His methods elsewhere (West Bank) are right up there with the Pogroms of Europe, bulldozing centuries old Arab enclaves, removing the occupants (Arab Israelis) to ghettos, then handing that land to ‘settlers’ which is supported by massive funding from Sheldon Adelson, and cheer led by the Times, which he also owns.

Oh, hey Josh (really not like you to be with the crickets?) check out Chris Hayes’ replay tonight.
He interviews the journalist who verified that Netanyahu lied about Hamas being culpable in the kidnapping ostensibly used to round up, then incite Hamas in order to execute a long wished for cleansing of the West Bank, and THAT led to the breaking of the 2012 truce.

This has been in operational planning for a long time and defense of it, by anyone, on either side reeks of xenophobic punitive nationalism, at the expense of human beings caught in the middle.

Just like the Mosul crowd.

Remember the Maine/s

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Ummm, sure, but the article is about Iraq.


Every decent person should leave Mosul. When they’re out and the militants are in, surround the place and raze it.

Since the radicals are commonly a very small population, why don’t the non-radicals simply shoot them?

Because of fear. IS uses fear to their advantage.

Perhaps, but fear is a gun that shoots both ways.

Execute some ISIS and leave their corpses hanging from a pole at the outskirts of town…the rest will give pause.

Abdul-Rahman Odai, quoted in the last paragraph, is 25 and fled Mosul for “Kurdistan,” saying, “They will not stop until they take everything.”

The U.S. invaded Iraq when Mr. Odai was 13-14. Imagine the shit he’s seen in the intervening time. And this is how he describes what’s going on now.

Go look up “Lidice” and “Oradour-sur-Glane” to see how well that kind of thing works out when people are rooted to a particular place.

When the Mosul people sat down, linked arms, and told the militant scum they’d have to kill the Mosul defenders of the minaret, they took the wrong tack. They should have said to the thugs, “If you harm this building, we will kill you, and we will drive all of you from our city back into your ratholes.” And they should make good on that threat. They should do it anyway.

Just as in Gaza Hamas has the wrong tack. The missiles they send into the Israeli countryside are worse than worthless. A waste of resistance money. Instead, arm every Palestinian able-bodied person with an automatic rifle and plenty of ammo. When an Israeli squad of ten shows up, send five hundred Gazans at them. If settlers show up in the West Bank, send ten times as many armed Palestinians at them and drive them back to Israel or kill them. Many Palestinians would die, but many will die anyway, and millions will live on their knees in poverty and misery while Israeli overlords continue to steal their land and kill them. You cannot have peace with the thugs of Israel until you hurt them, and every time they come near you have to hurt them. If Hamas can afford missiles and can smuggle them into occupied territory, then they can find a way to arm the Palestinian people. (Of course then Hamas would have to fear the people would turn against them if they turned into a tyrannical Islamic regime… perhaps that explains the missiles…)

The Arab world will not help the Palestinians. The world at large will not help them. They are going to have to drive Israel out of Palestinian lands and back into Israeli borders themselves. That means the settlers, the soldiers, the politicians, all of them. Then, and only then, can there be legitimate talk of peace. Israel, as a nation, is a liar, a con man, a thief, and a murderer. There is only one way to hold a discussion with such a nation. And every Palestinian who can hold and fire a gun must be part of that particular discussion.

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Indeed but in this case, the people are not outnumbered by their oppressors or even close. If the citizenry of Mosul chose to take up arms against ISIS, they could do them in.

It’s not like weapons are hard to get in Iraq.

This movement reminds me of the Khmer Rouge. Neither had any regard for human life. The Khmer Rouge moved everyone they didn’t kill out of the city while ISIS is destroying all cultural icons. They were both trying to amass blind followers by breaking all emotional bonds with normal society leaving the people nothing to attach to except the movement.

The Khmer Rouge managed to murder over 3 million people in a short amount of time. I wonder if ISIS will begin any such mass killings of civilians.

Okay, take a look at “Warsaw Uprising” and, for that matter, the three Judean uprisings against Rome to see what happens when people with small arms confront people with small arms, armor and artillery, military training, organization and logistics, and lots of combat experience. The CSA’s repression of rebellion in East Tennessee is another example.

It’s relatively easy to repel invaders–improvised defensive works magnify combat power and enable even untrained militia to be effective. But once an opposing force occupies your ground, pushing them out is hard and bloody work even for trained, well equipped infantry with an effective supply chain.

I’m not saying it can’t be done, but I’m highly dubious of the idea that the frogs can just up and toss King Stork out again after they welcomed him in to the pond and welcomed him as a liberator without accepting disproportionate casualties.

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NO, the article is about human lives being sacrificed under the cloak of belief. Check your 36 plots in literature.

I’m sure many Sunni members of the Iraqi army are now regretting abandoning their weapons and posts. Iraq was a fairly secular country before we destroyed it.

I think you may have confused reality with Hollywood fantasy and super hero comics.

All true, the problem is turning a bunch of guys who have guns into an army, or at least a military force.

In short, while it’s easy to get people to join a group that already exists to fight occupiers, it’s a lot harder (especially when you have a group like ISIS which doesn’t seem to take kindly to dissent) to be the first guy to say “Hey, let’s get our guns, follow me!”

It is rather amazing–you have ISIS, which is conducting mass, public slaughters of prisoners (in Tikrit alone, they claim to have killed 1700 prisoners–more than have been killed in the entire Gaza campaign up to this point), destroying mosques and shrines, imposting sharia, driving thousands of Christians and others from their home, but somehow, it’s still all about Israel.

On an unrelated note, that mosque is without question the most phallic building I have ever seen. Not to justify tearing it down, but it may be it just makes these isis guys feel inadequate.