Discussion: In Iraq, Syria, 'Islamic State' Militants Try to Govern as a State

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These were John McCain’s good, anti-Assad rebels, right?

If this news report is accurate, they seem more efficient at getting services back on line and exerting population control than the American administrators in Iraq.

Looks like they just slaughtered the Iraqi army in Tikrit.

The New York Times calls the defeat a “debacle.”

I’ve seen reports that they lost 8 helicopters and a fuel dump and at least 1000 casualties/captured.

Here’s one panicked soldiers version of events:

That was when “the doors of hell opened,” said Ali, a soldier in a tank division, who was at the hospital. “The bullets rained on our heads from everywhere, the suicide bombers were throwing themselves from the windows and detonated themselves in the air,” he said. It was unclear if the militants were actually jumping into groups of soldiers in vehicles…

The <a href="Witnesses reached by phone, who asked not be identified for security reasons, said that by Friday morning the final pocket of government troops had collapsed, an ignominious end for a counteroffensive that had begun with a helicopter assault into Tikrit University but ended with troops trapped at Camp Speicher.

Miami Herald piece is a bit more coherent:

Islamic State forces turned back the army’s thrust up the main highway Wednesday. Beginning late Thursday, the Islamist forces stormed Camp Speicher, a former U.S. military base named for a pilot who disappeared during the 1991 Persian Gulf War, and overwhelmed the troops there.

Witnesses reached by phone, who asked not be identified for security reasons, said that by Friday morning the final pocket of government troops had collapsed…

Looks like we need to order some new maps for the 2 new countries and the much reduced Iraq.

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Why would anyone not a member of this cult want to live under such a regime? I’d be packing my bags in a fingersnap.

Even at this early stage, even being the biggest, baddest bullies, the Islamic state is discovering that they have to compromise and accommodate to be successful.

Why does it take so much slaughter and blood to teach/learn that we are all on this earth together and that getting along isn’t the end of life. How long before Syria’s Assad decides he doesn’t want to give up that stretch of land? How long before the greedy become greedier and want more?

Has no one learned from history? Has no one watched Israel take more and more, what makes this war any different? Religion for all of it’s glorification is just as destructive as military dictators.

All I can say is they are taking care of the poor for now and feeding the hungry, even the GOPTP won’t include that in their Christian Sharia.

Which countries are funding these sunni extremists?