Discussion: In First Foreign Trip, Kim Unofficial Visit To China Demonstrates Ties With Xi

Hmmmm…does this mean Spanky isn’t at the cool kids’ table now?

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Xi assures Kim that The Dotard kinda likes getting screwed, so please proceed, Comrade.

lol This is proof that this country has dropped a notch down on the super power list.
China takes the lead and all meetings from here on out will be in Beijing.
China gets the credit if Kim is really being as honest as he promotes himself.
Trump will obviously promote all his success in making this all happen and pat himself on the back till black and blue.
Lets see if trump can keep his act up when and if it happens to meet with Kim in Beijing.
I doubt it, he has no courage to backup all his bluster, he will send somebody else.

Republican presidents always manage to unite people. Just not the people they nominally serve.

The Chinese, and the Russians, told Kim, their client, what is going to happen. They will guarantee that Kim’s nuclear activity will be “frozen” in exchange for the US pulling all nuclear forces- sea, air, and land based, far, far to the east, at least to the International Date Line. In other words, a retreat which gets the USA out of the Chinese and Russian sphere of influence in east Asia. In his overwhelming ignorance, Trump the Dotard will leap for this supposed “de-nuclearization” against the firm objections of Mattis and others. Like Neville Chamberlain in his day, Trump will get his meaningless piece of paper, which will be clear proof of his pell mell hurry to destroy US post war power and influence.