Discussion: In Emotional Analysis Of Trump's Win, Van Jones Calls It A 'White-lash' (VIDEO)

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If there’s a bright side to all of this, no taco trucks on every corner.


I’m not sure I can root for the USA in the Olympics. My grandparents were Finnish. Maybe I’ll root for Finland.

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shrug, he’s right.


My 87 year old mother is staying with me for a few days. She went to bed last night not knowing the outcome. She just got up and asked me how it turned out. When I told her “President Trump,” she simply asked “Bloody Marys or Screwdrivers this morning?”

Think I’ll stock up on Smirnoff.


I love your mom. Give her my best. :wink:


She’s a survivor. Her stiff upper lip persona will help me get through the next few years.


The world is upside down this morning folks,we have majority republican control in both house and senate and a man who
so many in his party did not want people to vote for,wrote long stirring editorials newspapers with held endorsement from a party(Republican) that they had endorsed some for over a century because of Donald Trump.We are here now and are wading in unchartered but rough and scary waters.Van Jones reasoning for his fears or spot on and I feel his fear.Don’t know what words of wisdom or catchy phrase I could say but folks if Trumps so called cabinet picks are any indication it’s going
to be ROUGH To say the least.


Slept a bit. Still crying at unexpected moments. Van Jones piiece had me gasping as I read it aloud to my husband and son.


I suppose we had better get used to supporting Russia now. No doubt tRump has a plan at ready (even if he’s not sure where it “mysteriously” appeared from) to implement immediately to drop sanctions and help rebuild their economy. Probably throw in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine as reparations.

My rule of thumb for a few decades now has been that screwdrivers are better as a breakfast drink, whereas bloody marys generally go better around lunch or later. I like my screwdrivers with a wedge of lemon squeezed into them to tart them up a bit.

Although … a bloody mary or three when you wake up with a hangover can sometimes be preferable.


Van Jones is right. But my only hope is that he will go back to being a Democrat that he was before, that he will understand the harm that he has done to this country in separating us into groups, then setting those groups against each other. I hope that his appoints competent people to his cabinet, not alt right people. I truly hope that he will understand the responsibility and power that we have given him, and not use them for revenge on enemies or perceived enemies. I hope that he understands the USA position in the world and not harm that position by his rhetoric or uninformed actions. I hope he has the ability to understand his advisors in foreign and domestic affairs and will accept their advice as valid in his consideration of the issues. Where does this hope come from? The America people are basically good people, and they are hurting with low paying jobs and seeing their government fighting with each other, ignoring all issues except their own reelection. I am angry as well, but I thought Hillary had the answers, but others disagreed, so they think Thump can lead this country out of this anger. I hope he can.

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I’m numb. I woke up after, I don’t know…2-3 hours of sleep. Our furnace quit working sometime overnight and it’s 47 degrees in here. I guess winter came early. I’m numb in every way. Our furnace should be fixed this afternoon, but I can’t see far enough to imagine that this winter will ever end. Something has changed–it’s like the physical cold I feel all around me. This isn’t the America that I thought I knew yesterday. I thought we were slowly progressing, I thought America was growing as a nation. For the first time since I came to America more than forty years ago, I no longer feel welcome here. I fear for things that I’d learned to take for granted. Distant memories of 1960’s Cuba are suddenly not so distant at all. I’m afraid of things I never thought I’d be afraid of again.

I’m still numb.


Watched that segment last night. It was when I heard Van Jones offering his thoughts that I got a lump in my throat for the first time on election night. We just lost so too much and I can’t just shake off this sick feeling that this may well be irreparable. 2000 and 2004 were not so devastating as this one… and back then I didn’t believe we would ever see anything worse.

I don’t think I can ever trust the American electorate again.


I am no longer a customer of mainstream media sources like New York Times. They participated in the normalization of of an idealogue and the abnormalization of a standard mainstream Democrat. Comey’s letter gets every square inch of the NYT front page, and his retraction got one column on the upper right. CNN hires Trump’s campaign manager still under payroll as an analyst. Even if they aren’t outright biased, they are nothing more than useful idiots for people manipulating an antiquated 20th century journalism model with 21st Century PR techniques. They have been using the NYT since Cheney and Libby found Judith Miller a useful idiot to drum up support for an illegal war. Politifact rates Trump as outright lying 76% of the time, yet the public polled him as by far the most trustworthy. It’s a testament that our institutions, specifically the 4th estate, have failed us and are no longer of use. The false equivalence based 20th century school of journalism is as irreparably broken as their newspaper business model, and the sooner it fails the better off the country will be. I am taking a long overdue news sabbatical, but when I return I will take the money spent on the Sunday Times and put it towards a Prime membership. If the echo chamber is telling the truth and “objective” journalism is obscuring the truth, I’ll take the echo chamber and be better off and more informed for it


I love Van Jones, but I don’t think he is right here. Clinton lost Ia, Oh (by 9 pts!), Pa, Wi, Mi, and Fla, all of which Obama won twice, and in some cases handily. I’m having a hard time imagining that the candidacy of white woman somehow unleashed a torrent of racism that a half-black candidate did not. Trump didn’t invent racism; he just made it “acceptable” to say it in public

I’m sorry, but I blame TPM as well as the NYT, MSNBC, etc. They promoted HRC and downplayed her flaws, all the while making great hay out of Trump’s flaws (which are admittedly numerous and awful). We are all blindsided by this election because we are in a bubble, and becoming more hermetically entombed in one will not make our world view more accurate.



My son just texted me: I am not afraid that he thinks he is Caesar; I am afraid that he is Sulla. Apt.


A brilliant and accurate comment, as a senior white woman I am terribly sorrowed and ashamed of the majority of whites. Here in Fairfax Co. Va.many of us worked for months volunteering doing voter registration, canvassing, phone calling for Hillary, so we won Virginia, but not enough. Van Jones is correct, every word.


Wow… for the man that reportedly reads himself to sleep with Hitler speeches it must be quite a thrill to accomplish this on the anniversary of Krystallnaucht. :frowning:


You really think that after we just elected Trump? You really think Trump is not a fascist? You really think the people who voted for him don’t know that? He has been shouting it from the rooftops all year long. They know exactly what they voted for and they will expect to get it. America is now a fascist state, get used to it.


You bring up valid points, and I should venture outside of my bubble more, but I will do so by venturing more into the right wing echo chamber, checking my priors and questioning my naivete. I guess I have just ultimately given up with the long running obsessesion with working the refs. The refs are either asleep, futile or have put financial priorities ahead of the pursuit of the truth. Then you have to question what is the point of even having refs. If this is a game of chaos and anything goes, let’s acknowledge it and play the game accordingly