Discussion: Immigrants Turn Down Fed Aid For Formula, Healthy Food After Trump Admin Threats

Oh great now more kid’s deaths can be laid at the feet of Miller and Trump.


Think it can’t get worse? Wait 24 hours (or less).


So what’s the plan for depriving them of healthcare?
What kind of sick person targets children?

[This seems to be a misunderstood post by some, and thus a miss by me. It’s a rhetorical question. A touch of irony. It doesn’t include my tone of voice,. It’s a question that should never have to be posed. I know who the bastards are, as do all of the good folks who inhabit this particular comment world.]


That would be trump. And Miller. And Sessions.

Next, just take away the votes of anyone who has taken government aid, unless it was aid for rich people.


This has been the plan all along. To drive legal immigrants, and naturalized citizens away from the government. It’s also a way to scare people from voting, accessing services they are entitled to AND to refuse to participate in the census due to fear. It’s the long game to under represent many areas and further gerrymander the country. Only way these repubs can win is to cheat and they know it.


I’ll take Donald Trump for $500, Alex…


I hate these fucking Republicans. I hate them, I hate them, I hate them. Can’t wait to vote.

Just wait until vaccine programs for immigrants are targeted in communities where they’re offered by public health programs around the country next. Those will be threatened along these same lines. This tRump maladministration at all levels has turned into a regime of terror against immigrants, and what’s worse is they’re fucking proud of it. Its like they’re literally on the hunt everywhere using any federal program to identify and target immigrants so they can discriminate, deny basic services and basically intimidate them from coming forward in any way.

When measles, mumps, and all the other childhood diseases rise in the general population I think we’ll have a pretty good idea where it all took a turn for the worse. Childhood mortality rates are simply going to increase.


This selected traitor has a turd for everyone’s punchbowl except his own. The throwback republican faction is part and parcel of the traitorism. We are all truly being abused and democracy such as it is being made fainter.

So let’s get out the vote and get on with investigations into all the criminal acts. Not much else matters apparently.

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And Kelly.


Support your local food pantries. This is the only option for food insecure people who are afraid to apply for legal benefits for their children. Sadly, many food pantries
do not have the resources or storage facilities available to provide fresh products.


Thanks for adding his name, Kelly really doesn’t get enough credit.

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“What kind of sick person [people] targets children?”


Trump is the hideous, pouting face of the real republican party: Hate filled, insane, viciously abusive, (and the less power their victims have the more they enjoy and flaunt inflicting abuse), and traitors to the United States of America.

THAT’S the republican party of the late 20th-early 21st Century.

. . . honestly where have you been? Didn’t you read/hear about Trump-Miller kidnapping little children and babies and locking them in cages?

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Now trump wants to deny a green card if baby’s parents apply of assistance to feed that child decent food.
Blatant cruelty. That’s what that is.
Not just food either. Earlier this year trump’s minions jailed babies after taking them from their parents. Some kids still are not reunited.
Toddlers as young as 3 years old are representing themselves in immigration court:

And there’s an immigration judge who thinks a 3 year old can understand the intricacies of immigration law

There are no limits to trump administration cruelty. Some native Americans along the Canadian border are being denied passports and their citizenship is being questioned. People who have lived here for thousands of years.
Hispanics along the Mexican border are having their citizenship questioned even thought they have never left the country.
As I said…the trump crowd has no limits on their cruelty.


They’re fascists, proudly and openly using the Nazi Germany playbook. So far, quite successfully.

You see, its a lot easier for US republicans today (than it was for fascist Germans of WWII) due to their victims being poor people who look a bit different from “real”* Americans.

*real = white

Sorry. Unfortunately I may not have communicated clearly enough. It was a rhetorical question for effect, not an actual inquiry. Irony, not ignorance.
Once again, email doesn’t get nuance. I’ve been doing what I can to help out parents and children separated by this abomination of an administration, with money and volunteering. I consider it a human rights violation of the highest order. And this adds to it. That’s why I posed the question. The self-evident answer, I think we can agree, is monsters.

Jury Nullification.
Stephen Miller.

then they get to blame it on those diseased dirty immigrants, see?

More proof that everything decent that Trump touches, dies


Mr Tantrum to his Followers - " See , I*m saving you money " .