Discussion: If We Want To Help Vets With PTSD, We Need To Help Their Therapists

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Isn’t it apparent by now that few are interested in really he;ping these vets once they return…otherwise there would be a groundswell of ideas and funding, Instead we get “thanks for your service…gotta go check our " House of Cards”…

True. We are just the cannon fodder avatars of the 90% that will not serve. Many a vacuous thank you we receive.

Let them learn TM…

Seriously, let them learn TM.


According to the DLF, as a result of the two pilot studies listed on that webpage, international relief agencies that specialize with dealing with vast populations with PTSD (e.g. the 100 million Africans thought to have PTSD), approached the DLF asking how fast the DLF’s program could be scaled to reach all of Africa.

Before they will commit the resources to train 100,000 TM teachers, said relief agencies are conducting their own internal research to see if the results of those studies can be replicated.

Based on the results of these internal studies and how the organizations that conducted them are reacting, the David Lynch Foundation now projects that by the end of 2018, about 10 million people will learn TM from government and relief agency workers trained as TM teachers, who teach TM as part of their regular job.