Discussion: If Obama Takes Aim At <i>Citizens United</i> In His SOTU, America Will Thank Him

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If speech is money, certainly sex should be a form of expression.

This could be used as a defense against prosecution of prostitution.

Well they may thank him but they’ll continue to either not vote or vote GOP so why does it matter what he says about it?

If corporations are people, then the Board of Directors shouldn’t be deciding how to spend money on political contributions. The corporation itself should decided. They should just put a blank piece of paper infront of any ol’ door and wait for the corporation to express its opinion on the matter. Also…if a corporation commits a crime, like in the case of BP and environmental disaster, shouldn’t the corporation be held to the same prison-sentence standards as every other person? the absurdity of all this is mind-bogglingly absurd. The best part of the article, though, is that pretty much all of America agrees this is stupid.