Discussion: Icahn Resigned As Trump Adviser Ahead Of New Yorker Article Criticizing Him

Icahn cited “partisan bickering” as an excuse for his unethical behavior.
Trump cited “political distraction” because he’s terrified of the hostile crowd at the…Kennedy Center Honors.

I guess nobody would believe “spend more time with my family” with these guys.

Icahn, Mnuchin, Cohn…they’re all political opportunists solely focused on giving the 1% tax cuts, thereby enhancing their own portfolios and bottom line for their heirs when this gig is over. That’s why they don’t give a shit who gets hurt so long as its not them in their small little upscale world of rich pricks and heartless bastards. Sadly, the entire GOP is onboard with this approach, so its not just a tRumpian thing. Its greed, corruption and probably a bunch of lawlessness that is at work here at the highest levels. tRump’s entire official and unofficial cabinet members and advisors are all part of the plutocracy. How anyone still has any belief that these people are there to make the average American’s own economic lives better, is really amazing to me. Always has been. Always will be. Just look at who’s advising him and who will benefit. Its not rocket science for shit’s sake.

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