Discussion: Hundreds Protest In Chicago After Video Of Cop Shooting Teen Released

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“City officials and community leaders had long braced for the release of the dash-cam video showing the death of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald. They feared the kind of turmoil that occurred in cities such as Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri, after young black men were slain by police or died in police custody.”

It’s not the job of our government to censor information in a way they think will best control the public.

 Alvarez said concern about the impending release prompted her to move up the announcement of the murder charge.
"It is graphic. It is violent. It is chilling," she said. "To watch a 17-year-old young man die in such a violent manner is deeply disturbing. I have absolutely no doubt that this video will tear at the hearts of all Chicagoans."
But she also defended the 13 months it took to charge Officer Jason Van Dyke, insisting that she made a decision "weeks ago" to charge him and the video's ordered release did not influence that.

 After the shooting, Van Dyke was stripped of his police powers and assigned to desk duty.

So, Alvarez, you were so bold in seeking justice that you kept a person you deem a murderer on the payroll for over a year before removing him from the streets? And the officer at the time of the shooting had [at least 18 complaints][1] against him; maybe your office might have looked at that?

You and your fellow enablers in the criminal justice system who have done nothing to rein in the criminal behavior of police are as much to blame for this young man’s death as the cop who shot him.

Edited to add: [¨NBC Chicago][2] quoted a district manager for Burger King in May as saying Chicago police deleted separate video from a security camera at a Burger King restaurant less than 100 yards away.¨ What did you do about that in the past 13 months, Alvarez?
[1]: http://abc7chicago.com/news/at-least-18-complaints-filed-against-cpd-officer-now-charged-with-murder-/1098265/
[2]: http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/video-laquan-mcdonalds-killing-be-released-chicago-braces-protests-n469171


No violence, that’s a good thing. Hats off to the protesters for keeping their cool.


“Hundreds Protest In Chicago After Video Of Cop Shooting Teen Released”_____Yet not a peep by Black Lives Matter, or days of protests by the community following the murder earlier this month of 9 year old Tyshawn Lee. The fourth grader was fatally shot in an alleyway near his grandmother’s home in Chicago’s Gresham neighborhood around 4:15 p.m. while still in his school uniform. Authorities said the boy was shot multiple times in the head and back. Even the boy’s father, Pierre Stokes, is not cooperating in the investigation. Pathetic!

Only hundreds? Cop are getting out of control.

This is going to get ugly. Other articles say that Chicago police deleted camera footage of the incident from a Burger King’s security system. It seems all officers involved lied, attempted a cover up, and the city only pressed charges when a judge issued the release of the dash cam footage this week. The officer who did this is scum but the city officials involved are worse. Opinion of Rahm just dropped again.


That´s bullshit. The horrifying crime sparked outrage in Chicago.
But maybe that fact doesn´t fit your agenda.

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Well it may be a “potential moment of learning” but its definitely a murder too. When the Police first saw it 400 days ago they knew they were looking at a murder. The Black community in Chicago knows that. That’s why they’re on the street. If you can kill a Black man with impunity, as CPD tried to do, then Black lives don’t matter. It’s really not all that difficult to see the big picture here.


Anyone can watch the video. What’s horrifying is how he was just snuffed out, like a stray animal that wandered onto someone’s turf. He’s just walking - obviously on something, but not DOING anything at all. He’s walking numerous yards distant from the police, and he’s headed an angle AWAY from them, and not even at any sort of speed consistent with trying to ‘escape’. HIs empty left hand is up as if to half-wave the police off, and then he’s shot down. He spins around at the impact and slumps prone to the ground. And then round after round is pumped into his prone body, shuddering with each impact - like he was a sack of something inorganic with a target painted on it. Like a drive-by murder - which it pretty much was.


You know Sand…that method you use…the “what about Clinton” is really getting old. No one is talking about Tyshawn Lee ( except you ) and his case is not relevant to this one. That young boy was murdered by a criminal that does not have a Badge. The Badge is the issue here. I’m sure when the killer is found the FOP will not demand the evidence against him be sequestered and try to save him from justly deserved prosecution via a long duration effort to aide and abet his crime after the fact.

That’s what we are talking about. If you can’t hit that with a relevant argument go find a thread on Tyshawn and vent. It’s not what we are talking about here and now.


Black Lives Matter is primarily a movement to combat police violence against unarmed African Americans and the different approach that law enforcement agencies often take up in black communities.

You’re making the really dumb right-wing red herring argument of attacking the name of the movement while ignoring what the movement actually stands for and why they began. There’s a huge difference between an unfortunate criminal act (which happens all too often), and your taxpayer funded local government taking up arms against its own citizens. The latter of which BLM stands to protest.

Even then you’re still wrong because Lee’s death did spark a lot of public outpouring and support.


Your comments add nothing of value

“Simmering resentment” is putting it rather mildly.

I’ve avoided watching the video. Your description is all I needed. The number of shots indicates the cop … reloaded … and then continued to fire. Am I correct in this assumption? I really don’t want to watch a snuff film.

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This is the full video:

There is no sound, but it does depict the rather brutal murder of a teenager, even if from a distance, so be advised.

Scene by scene description for those who can’t or don’t wish to watch: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-chicago-cop-shooting-video-release-laquan-mcdonald-20151124-story.html

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I had my thoughts on that too. It says that only one officer fired. But the boy was shot 16 times. And in the video, you clearly see a couple of bullets miss and hit the pavement. That means either he reloaded, which in the time frame involved seems highly unlikely, or the other cops shot too.

No, after reloading he angrily kicks a knife out of the boy’s hand.

I do not for one second doubt that the cop felt the presence of a weapon meant he had to fear for his life. I do not for one nanosecond believe that that justifies his reactions; it only condemns a system that makes such cowardly police who think they’re Han Solo and have to shoot first.

Here’s what Chicago police originally reported on the shooting in 2014:

Sixteen shots. Fourteen shots when he was on the ground. Executed in cold blood. And some people are STILL trying to justify it.

  • Burger King District Manager reported that police FORCEFULLY entered one of their stores and deleted 86 minutes of video footage of Laquan McDonald’s MURDER

  • Not one Chicago Police officer spoke out or spoke up in the 400 days since
    Laquan McDonald was murdered about the horrendous wrong done to him.

Evil does not disappear, it shape shifts.
The police murder of Laquan McDonald is modern day lynching.


But it doesn’t jive in the least with his official story, in which the boy lunged at him with a knife. There clearly was no lunging involved, the boy was moving in the opposite direction in a slow walk. Nor was there only one shot fired into his chest. He fired 16 bullets into him, most of which were fired after the boy was on the ground.

So, if he was afraid for his life, and therefore felt justified in the shooting…why did he lie about all these very pertinent facts?