Discussion: Huckabee: Muslims Should Be ‘Begging ’ FBI To Come Surveil Mosques

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Does he mean like the Baptists beg to surveil churches?


Huckabee decried Texas officials for subpoenaing pastors’ sermons after reports they used their sermons to bash an anti-gay discrimination ordinance.

But Huckster, weren’t they begging to be surveiled by the FBI?


Hey Mike, when do we form an American Gestapo? When do we hold the “night of broken glass”? When to Muslims get sent “east”? When do they have to wear a crescent moon? And when do you submit to Congress your updated “Enabling Act” for you to take dictatorial powers?

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Does Huckelberry listen to the nonsense he spews? Is he suggesting that all churches should welcome FBI surveillance in the hopes of converting the agents? All schuls as well? Does he have even the most remote concept of what religious freedom means?

He’d go, insha’Allah. He’s just waiting for the All-you-can-eat Baby Back Rib Fundraiser.

Of course he does. Just like every conservative Christianist, he knows that it means that he has the freedom to do whatever he wants and can force you and me and everyone else to do what he wants, too.