Discussion: Huckabee Challenges WaPo Police Shooting Data: 'Male Lives Matter'

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Clueless as always.

Maybe, just maybe, if we turn our back on him, he’ll disappear up his own bahookie. It may diappoint TPM accountants and click number watchers, but it’s worth a shot.


Is, always was and always will be an a-hole.


Shorter Huck: White Fat Racist Lives Matter.


“Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.”
― Daniel Patrick Moynihan

btw… why is there no clown emoticon? did it disappear from too much usage?


It’s like these guys set out each day trying to prove that they have no empathy for people of color. I just don’t see what they think they will gain from engaging in conversations like this.


This is a classic example of ‘The Snowman Effect.’

Teabaggers use it ALL the time. The ‘unorganized militia’ movement in the 90s did too. How it works is they take a kernel of truth and then wad all this incredible speculation around it until they have this ‘snowman’ in the front yard that bares absolutely no relation to the snow.

Apply it to some other field and you can see how incredibly cynical and downright dangerous this careless attitude is. Like…oh…Intelligence. CIA analysts say all the time that one of the biggest mistakes you can make is take a raw intercept and not apply any context to it whatsoever. That is exactly what Huckabee is doing when he says: “I only said EXACTLY what you reported.” No you aren’t. You are repeating SOME of what was reported.

Or to use another analogy, he has built the gun and then we’re expected to assume it’s going to shoot even though it’s not loaded.


Huckabee got up close to the tiger and he saw THE EYE OF THE TIGER.
THEN…the tiger ate him up.


Huckabee tries to relaunch his career…

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I can see a “Male Lives Matter” movement catching fire. It’s about time men were accorded more deference.


Am I the only one particularly concerned with black males? They take the brunt of these killings, are left behind in school much more frequently than black females, and black females pierce the veil in the workplace much more frequently. Of course black females are discriminated against in horrendous ways, but black male discrimination is a magnitude worse. This is a crisis, and no one seems to care.

We are making no progress on this front, and we on the left should be ashamed of it. Seems we do things just to make ourselves feel better.


Black people were more likely to be killed by America’s largest city police departments:

Police departments disproportionately killed black people, who were 41% of victims despite being only 20% of the population living in these cities.

41 of the 60 police departments disproportionately killed black people relative to the population of black people in their jurisdiction.

14 police departments killed black people exclusively in 2015, 100% of the people they killed were black. For only 5 police departments were 100% of those killed white.


“All we want are the facts, ma’am.” - Joe Friday


yeah… maybe… except I’m pretty sure the Huckster only means privileged white males…

no others need apply… especially the Irish…

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It’s about time men were accorded more deference.

Right on, brother. It’s high time that woman stopped taking sexual advantage of men in the workplace, too. My heart goes out to that poor Roger Ailes, constantly being forced to submit to having oral sex performed on him by abusive female employees. No wonder his genitals looked like raw hamburger.


Five people at the table, 4 white, 1 black. The 4 white people have plates overflowing with food. The black person has an empty plate.

The black person says, “Black people need food.” The White people reply by saying, “All people need food.”

They are “Huckabee Correct” but the black person is still without food and the white people are well feed.


Guess what, Mike: I’ll bet 100% on those shooting victims breathed air and drank water.

It would then be 100% accurate to say that “Air-breathing Lives Matter” - and 100% beside the point.

If you’re trying to prove that cops are too quick on the trigger, that’s one thing. The data shows that black men are being killed for no good reason.

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It’s the same math illiterate game they play with other shooting statistics. The GOP/Teatrolls and MSM LOVE to talk about Chicago shootings because they can talk about larger numbers. What they won’t tell you is that, because the population is so large, the actual incidence rate percentages show that you’re more likely to be shot or suffer a gun wounding in the entire state of LA, which has the lowest level of gun safety regulation in the country.


GOD, I hate stupid FKs…the ‘real movement’ should be that Black Lives Matter JUST AS MUCH as stupid people AND they should have the same expectation in communities that THEY will be protected and treated with respect as anyone ELSE. When that happens and we weed out the officers that don’t ‘grasp’ that concept, when we weed out politicians that are deliberately obtuse and try to deflect to show their OWN victimhood, when we weed out the ‘Christian pastors’ that hop on ANYTHING to show we ‘are no longer a Christian nation because of…’ THEN the movement can retire.

John Roberts, I offer you Huckabee to serve in replacement of whatever broken instrument you were using to detect institutionalized racism in America.

If he’s still making a living as a racist asshole pretending to offer serious commentary on US society, we need to keep all anti-discrimination measures healthy and strong.


Exactly. Compare Chicago’s or Detroit’s crime rate, relative to police killings, to Bakersfield.


Time to commission the CDC to do research on police killings on behalf of the Surgeon General and report back to the nation.