Discussion: Howard Dean Reenacts Infamous 'Dean Scream' In All Its Glory At DNC (VIDEO)

I love Howard – and he’s back, looking even better than he did in 2004. Keep hammering on health care!


He didn’t do the best part! Come on, what a ripoff.

Republicans just don’t have a sense of humor.

They are very good at conjuring up horrors. Remember how they use to lecture us that the world was a dangerous place?

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I have to admit, how that speech ended his candidacy is beyond my ability to understand.


It was a wonderful end to a measured speech

In the old days, it wouldn’t have factored at all. But this happened in the era of News Corp. Hannity played that clip on the air every day for months–and not just the actual recording, but an edited version that amplified Dean’s voice to make it seem like he was screaming louder than he was.


To me, as much as I like most of the things Obama did, getting rid of Howard Dean to placate Ralm Emanuel was one of his biggest mistakes and one I was most disappointed in him about. Howard Dean had the big picture with his 50 state strategy, supporting a Democratic candidates in every race even if they might not win, something the GOP embraced even down to the local school boards, to our dismay as an educated individuals ( living in Ga. that is so important). All Ralm wanted was to support safe seats, he forgot sometimes quantity is more important then quality, esp. in local elections. So it is nice so see Dean back.


The GOP/Fox Propaganda Corp. twisted that honest and spontaneous enthusiasm into something unrecognizable- just like what they did to US news.


When he did that tonight it made me smile. Go, Dr. Dean!


I don’t know what vitamins he’s taking, but I want some. Twelve years, and he’s barely aged at all.


Here it is…

On a serious note, it’s stupefying how one moment of enthusiasm coupled with poor mic/audio levels doomed his candidacy. How “far” we’ve come in 12 years, eh?

2004 was the first presidential election I was able to vote in, and he was my guy. It’s a shame we never got to see the good doctor take it to dubya with some real talk in the debates. Ah, well. Nostalgia.

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I was a Deaniac. There. I admit it proudly.


“Remember how they use to lecture us that the world was a dangerous place?”

I remember it well. Seems as if it were only a week ago. My how time flies!


I love Howard Dean.

He literally DID NOT reenact the ‘infamous dean scream’

WTF is going on with that headline?!?
The infamous scream is the PART HE DID NOT DO.

So, here at TPM we have several/most writers who quote/repeat whole-falsehoods stated by GOP pols and pundits without clarifying their falseness in articles regularly - and now we got someone claiming IN A HEADLINE we get to see/hear Dean reenact to take-back-and-own his famous screech… and there’s no screech…!!
What is the world coming to when a place like TPM advertises Howard Dean performing his most famous hit… yet he doesn’t do the best part.
This was worse than seeing Paul Simon do ‘Bridge over Troubled Water’ without Garfunkel.
Shame TPM… Shame.

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Because the GOP and the media used it to paint him as crazy, and obviously no loud mouthed crazy person could ever successfully run for the presidential nomination of a major party, right?


After what Dean and the DNC did to Michigan and Florida in 2008,he had to go.

In fairness to the sound person, probably was not expecting that one. We can joke about it now, but it left a mark. I also remember the headline "Howard Dean: “I’ve Got Warts”.

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Me, too. AND I loved the scream.