Discussion: How Zombie Obamacare Repeal Could Linger On In Congress For A Long Time

I find this wording interesting:

Practically, Republicans can’t keep Obamacare repeal alive—they have wasted months trying several permutations and haven’t been able to muster even the 50 votes needed under reconciliation, let alone the 60
needed to pass a bill under the Senate’s normal rules. But politically,they can’t completely let it go either. Though repeal remains unpopular with the vast majority of the electorate, the GOP’s donor base will continue to demand it.

It used to be conventional wisdom that it was the teaparty base that demanded it. I know public sentiment has shifted since Trump became president, and the threat of losing the ACA became real. Is it possible that the GOP voting base no longer supports a straight up repeal? If so - that seems like a very, very big wedge that should start to be exploited - the sea of difference of goals between the GOP donor base vs. the GOP base. I don’t think the base realizes how large a sea that is.

No place is this more clear (the sea of difference) than in the current battle about to be waged on Tax Reform. But perhaps it is time to wed that to the Repeal efforts as well.

We have already seen Cory Gardner a) remind his fellow GOP senators that they have to deliver, or else… per the Donors - And Then back up - to say votes shouldn’t be based on the donors whims. First sign of a retreat because of the public attention … that maybe the base might start to see how badly they are being played?


It’s always been the donors. Sure, the base is agin anything the kenyan did, but they approve of pretty much everything about Obamacare except the name. The base can be riled up in specific directions pretty easily.


They just let CHIP expire, so at least they got to throw some people off health insurance, amirite? :angry:


If zombies eat brains, they will be sorely disappointed in Congress.


Yup. And crickets.


ACA repeal is tax cuts financed by taking health care away from millions of poor people. Tax reform is tax cuts financed by taking something else away from millions of poor people. Or maybe by debt. Or magic asterisks, rainbow-farting unicorns, who knows at this point.

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“That would be a pretty heavy lift [to do both],” Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) added. “The more you complicate legislation, typically, the more difficult it is to pass*.”

*Especially if you’re a Republican, and even more so if you’re a Republican with a president like donnie in office.

The Republican brain doesn’t handle complication well.

No brains to be found in the (current) majority of that body of genetic defectives. Sad for the rest of us whom have to live under their decisions and policies.

The only way to kill this zombie abomination née and for all is to put the Senate (at a min.) back in Democratic hands.