Discussion: How Walker Turned 'Job Creation' Into a Goodie Bag for Campaign Donors

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Mismanagement, cronyism, corruption … so it seems to be pretty much working as intended.


The difference between Scott Walker and Vladimir Putin is a college degree.


How dare you write this article? The Wisconsin courts have declared Walker is above suspicion. Please immediately burn your notes, throw your computer off a roof, and hit your head against a wall until you love Scott Walker again.


With all due respect, this is not news. The author even admits it.
" Only one year in, journalists and watchdogs began uncovering evidence of mismanagement in WEDC."

@TPM: You wanted to know who initiated the attempt to gut Wisconsin’s open records law. Fingers are now pointing to state assembly speaker Robin Vos.


A lot of the details of what is/has gone on in WI are not widely known. I suspect the oppos within the GOP and Democratic party are waiting for the right time. Walker is a serious retail politician who will stop at nothing to win. When they take a shot at him, it needs to be definitive.


I’m sure this will receive the same level of outrage from Fox News as the Solyndra collapse.


Walker’s corruption makes him a dangerous candidate. The Kochs own him. Other billionaires likely own him as well, but we don’t know because the donation records are secret due to Citizens United.


It’s still not news.

As for oppos within the GOP, it’ll take more than one shot to bring Walker down. Repeated attacks on his economic record, on his flip-flops, and other GOP talking points are necessary to drive the message home if someone else wants the nomination.

There’s massive confusion between what businesspeople want and what’s good for business. It originates among businesspeople themselves and has spread to all Republicans and far too many Democrats. People are good for business. Not the other way around! That’s why supply-side economics keeps failing.

Walker’s approach is precisely backwards; he cuts parks and schools and everything else that makes Wisconsin a desirable place for people to live, and squanders the money on tax cuts and handouts to shareholders and nonresident billionaires who didn’t know the parks existed and would be disappointed if their grandkids “settled” for the UW.

So of course the state is lagging; it’s a direct measurement of Scott Walker’s and Republicans’ power to give businesspeople what they want.


I used to think Walker was Nixonian. Now I realize how wrong I was. Nixon wasn’t this Nixonian in his most feverish dreams.


I certainly hope so. The debacle of the recall campaign continues to be a huge issue. Progressives, which are mostly idiots in WI, did a horrible job with the recall. The main problem was that they did it at all. Recalls should not be used for the normal political process, unless high crimes and misdemeanors have occurred. The recall inoculated Walker from many issues which could have led to his loss. Of course, the D candidate was not strong, and that was the second issue.


I think some people voted against recall vs. for Walker in the recall. But I agree, the Dems didn’t manage it extremely well.

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Will the national media cover these “financial questions” or will Walker get a free pass because they only need to turn in words to meet deadlines with no questions about content?


WEDC, pronouncer “Wee dick”, Scott Walker’s right wing honey pot serves only one purpose - the funneling of taxpayer dollars to Walker’s contributors so they will funnel dollars to Walker’s political aspirations.
President Walker: bringing Wisconsin-style corruption and incompetence to the White House.


Walker is the most dangerous candidate out there
His record is awful - his approval rating in Wisconsin is in the toilet
Yet he is leading Iowa and has been given a pass by the media.

I do find it very interesting that while Trump has destroyed every Republican Candidate especially Jeb Bush
He has yet to say a bad word about Walker.
It almost makes me think Trump is there intentionally to clear the field for Walker


“Running government like a business.”

It’s not just a stupid idea that doesn’t work because the entire purpose of government is to do stuff that business can’t, won’t or shouldn’t do. It’s code for “kleptocracy.” Invariably, without fail.


The only thing that article left out was that Walker got reelected. How many of these bits are we going to read? Walker did this…Walker did that…but he gets reelected and is politically very viable. A GOP’er gov…in a Blue state…does what he does…gets reelected and is in the top tier to be POTUS. This should make you think.

grifters have got to grift, i suppose.


John Kasich did the same thing in Ohio with his Jobs Ohio program. Birds of a feather …