Discussion: How The Paris Attack Escalated Anti-Refugee Sentiment To Hysteria

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This is all very confusing. Whom should I be most afraid of? ISIS? Syrian refugees? Illegal Mexican immigrants? Married gay couples? Kenyan Socialist Nazi Muslim Obama?
There’s just not enough time in the day to sort this out.


Hear hear. We really should have kept out all those Italians with their Mafia, Irish supporting the IRA, Germans and all their mischief and the Ethopian refugees that force us to eat without utensils.


Mike Huckabee said something I agree with! - that it would make no sense to bring people who live in the desert to Minnesota during the winter. Yes they should spend the winter in Arizona and come up to Minnesota in the spring.


The Week magazine had a good article on this subject yesterday. A couple of excerpts:

Does that mean it’s totally impossible for some ISIS killer to sneak in with the refugees? Of course not. But tourist, student, and business visas are far easier to get than refugee status, if you’ve got the cash. That’s how every single one of the 9/11 hijackers got into the country. Refugees are a very low risk for terrorism. It is excruciatingly difficult to get refugee status — especially since the process has recently become so Byzantine and paranoid that it’s next to impossible for anyone to actually make it through the application. But here’s the bottom line: Since 9/11, the U.S. has accepted some 784,000 refugees. None have committed any acts of terrorism in the U.S. — and only three have ever been arrested for terror-related crimes, two for sending money to al Qaeda in Iraq and one whose plot was totally preposterous.

Furthermore, sheltering refugees is an obvious way to attack ISIS’s ideological legitimacy. They are really sensitive about the refugee issue, because it puts the lie to their self-image as the holy land for all Islam. When about every Muslim who possibly can is running for their lives, it tends to draw attention to the fact that ISIS is full of mass-murdering child rapists who kill far more Muslims than they do any other religious group.

Link: http://theweek.com/articles/589402/america-needs-grip


Exactly. What better way to play into the terrorists’ hands than to use the attacks in Paris as an excuse to send refugees back to either be killed, or recruited by the terrorists?


Not new.
It was the same shit in 2009 with the Mosque being built “near Ground Zero”. Or the Ebola scare. Then suddenly attention is diverted elsewhere or the issue goes away.
Why the media plays into this, I’ll never know.


Turning our backs on desperate Arabic families just because of who they are will be ISIS’s greatest recruiting tool.


Clearly, we need to ban all Europeans from entering America.


How did it happen? It’s election season and we have a Fox News now. That’s how it always happens.

Every election cycle since Fox started, we’ve had The Big Fear every election cycle. This one is just starting a bit earlier. The fact that the Big Scary Thing That’s About to Happen doesn’t only makes the fear consumers–the hysterical right wing and the “swing voters” who are insufficiently civic-minded to pay attention but too civic-minded not to vote–more susceptible to the next round rather than inoculated. I don’t understand that. As best I can tell, it’s apparently more sexual frustration than a disease to them.


Because that is what sells. Reporting bit the dust when the media realized that the news could be profitable if were treated as entertainment.


It’s no coincidence that Sharia Law is so similar to the sensibilities invoked by the GOP

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That is just it, as long as you quake in your Depends you match the GOP/TP demographic and are a “Real” American…


Mike Huckabee has a special kind of right wing ignorance. Most Syrians who are not Bedouins live come from towns and cities, not some imagined desert.

Oh, and Syria has a winter, much like the rest of the region.


Hands down the single most persecuted group of people in the world today are Republican politicians and the lemmings that follow them!
Every 7-10 days as if on cue, the right wing republicans come forth with a new or old whine and their lemmings start chiming in with them!
Mark it on your calendar, by Monday Paris will be forgotten and the right-wing led by Fox, will have a brand whine or a regurgitated old! They’ll have sucked everything they can out of the Paris killings and will move on, that’s how they work!


It is remarkable how the Right wingers shouting the loudest ignore that point, though.

The loudest complainers also are the ones like Trump the fascist, whose ‘policy’ of deporting anyone he thinks is here illegally would create a humanitarian crisis on the US border.
It’s bad enough we keep waging the idiotic war on drugs, which has turned some Central American into cartel heaven; now GOP candidates are falling over each other to create even more of a mess.


The new GOP slogan, same as the old GOP slogan, “Fear is our Product”.


American Muslims are natural conservatives, much like Hispanics. And the GOP keeps shrinking their tent so only angry white dudes and furious under educated women can get in it. Most of their rhetoric is at the behest of large donors like Adelson.

The GOP now controls 87% of US state legislatures; their insanity is not going away any time soon, I suspect.


Wonder which of the howler monkey Republican Baggers and Cons will be the first to yell, “We need a crusade against the Saracens !!!” Surprisingly, it was Kasich that came close when he said in his ‘administration’ he will create a new agency to spread ‘Judaeo-Christian’ (a term that I do not think Kasich knows the meaning of) values to the heathens. Wonder if it will be called, “The Ministry of Truth”? Perhaps John Bolton could be appointed Heathen Czar?


So, three thoughts.

First, the answer to the proposed question is: the Repubs, who will always take the opportunity to use a weak segment of society as a scapegoat for their base.

Second, as the NYTimes pointed out today, terrorists don’t come into this country by waiting on line for a vetting process to play out. They are either already here, or they enter the country illegally. This issue is so totally bogus.

Third, I loved the Texas Repub Congressman who said “we can’t allow refugees because Texas’ gun laws are so lax”. Solution: keep out the refugees!