Discussion: How Republicans Are Trying To Pave The Way For SCOTUS To Gut Obamacare

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and to “not let our guys look like they’re going crazy and letting the world spin into chaos.”

Yeah, wouldn’t want to look like you were doing what you are doing. Bad idea.


Sahil writes the same article every day. All the Administration would have to do is turn the 34 state web sites it runs over to the 34 individual states.

Follow the stocks of the health insurers, they have gone up, up and more up since O-care went in. Have they dropped since this phony-baloney lawsuit? No, they have gone up more. So, the smart money believes that either the Court will rule in a way that keeps the law or that there will be a simple fix. To those who say otherwise, put your money where your mouth is.


This makes no sense. It cannot be simultaneously argued that

(1) “This wasn’t merely a drafting error and that Congress intended to deny subsidies on federal exchanges” and

(2) Congress is working on a backup plan to ‘fix’ this draft of the Act.

Why would they want to ‘fix’ the Act if the problematic wording was intended? On the contrary: the very fact that the Republicans are (ostensibly) working on a fix strongly suggests that there was a drafting error.


I dearly hope you’re right. Beyond that, viewing the photo of Boner & Ryan – these two pricks – has come to make me almost physically ill. When one considers how much misery they can and do cause for millions of our citizens is enough to join the revolution if I could just find the enlistment station. Short of that, I’d settle for kicking both square in the nuts.


The court will rule in such a way so as to preserve the mandate and subsidies AND leverage the removal of consumer protections (80/20, etc). Profits will be even bigger after the ruling.

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It’s not about me, but about those who put actual cash on the line investing in health insurers. Just pull up a 5 year chart on any of them.

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Why is it that pictures of Boehner and Ryan always leave me with the dark wish that they should be put in a position where they are going to need some serious “healthcare”?


“…persuading him that the health care system won’t descend into chaos…”

Absolutely, Mr. Chief Justice!

Rest assured, Republicans will bail out their corporate donors with taxpayer funds. Now the rest of the economy will plunge into the biggest depression this side of an AIG collapse, but that will only affect the middle class and retirees.

Not to worry.


Republicans are ready to bring in their version of the ‘public option’:


Yes, “get sick and die”, is appealing to Republicans, mostly because of the low deductibles.


Look what I did!

Edit: If it were simply a theoretical exercise and wouldn’t harm so many people, I’d almost like to see the Republicans put in a position of having to clean up the mess that the Supreme Court would make by invalidating this part of the ACA. They so don’t have their crap together that they would probably have to pass a “temporary” fix to the language, which would be pretty satisfying.


Back in the universe where precedent and law and stuff still mattered and the Supreme Court wasn’t just another political branch, the issue is whether the IRS interpretation of the ACA is arbitrary and capricious (or, “crazy” as my admin law professor described the standard). That’s the standard for reviewing an agency interpretation of a statute established by the Supreme Court in Chevron USA v. NRDC in an opinion authored by Scalia.

So, on one hand, we have an administration interpretation of a law that was the signature achievement of that administration that works and is consistent with the professed statutory goal of getting everyone insured and creating an actuarially sound basis for requiring insurers to cover everyone . On the other we have an interpretation that sends twelve percent of the economy descending into chaos and dysfunction if imposed now and that would have caused the statute to fail of its professed goal if adopted originally.

So clearly this is a very difficult and troubling question that requires Supreme Court review.

Yeah. Rule of law. I kind of miss it.


Roberts will vote how the Koch’s tell him.


Republicans are nothing more than America-hating anarchists! This is what happens when anyone, anywhere votes Republican!

The suffering and yes, deaths will be immediate and quantifiable, thee is no doubt. I’m done pretending that both parties have Americans interest at heart, when clearly only the Democrats care if people live or die!


A small part of me hopes they do gut it. Let the Repubs come up with a “fix” and see what that does to their election hopes.


Republicans insist on working against the best interests of the American people. What was it that Ben Carson said about treason?


Me too, repeatedly; until my foot breaks!


The Republican Congress is one enormous Death Squad. They preach war, intolerance of LGBT, death to workers rights, and death to the uninsured. They systematically remove the people’s right to elect our own leaders, thus ensuring their own continuation in power to rob from the poor, and give to the rich. Scott Walker said that his strategy was to divide and conquer. United We Stand only applies if they start an unjustified war. Republicans simply do not love the American people.

Actually, that should be the Democrats response to the claim that Obama does not love America. Based on Republican’s actions over the past several years, they have conclusively demonstrated that they do not love the American people, and in fact, view the American people with contempt. Just shut up and do as we say. Republicans are the Civil Rights Nazis. No rights for you!

On nthe other hand, Obama Cares for the American people. You can’t say that about Republicans.


Roberts is smart enough to know that if the SOCTUS buys this ridiculous argument and blocks subsidies, the court will be irreparably damaged. There will be nothing left, no credibility, and they will make themselves a laughing stock,