Discussion: How Mitch McConnell Is Exacting Revenge For Dems' Nuclear Option

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Cool! Articles like these remind me to throw a little money to Grimes.


Reid is paying the price for being way too timid. His “nuclear option” came late and failed to address delaying tactics that an expert on Senate rules like Reid should have antcipated.

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Obama should send Daenerys and her dragons up to the House…Instill a little sense in those sh*theads…

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Grimes needs to play this up big – list out how many hours/days have been wasted, how many services have been denied or delayed because of this ridiculousness.


Politics in a democracy should not be about revenge…seriously.

Well it should involve grownups, too, but I don’t see that happening.

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The modern Republican party really is like a group of petulant spoiled children, aren’t they? If they don’t get their way they will stamp their widdle feet and take their toys and stomp home, but not before first breaking your toys. They are seriously unpleasant and destructive people who have no business governing a free nation.