Discussion: How Everybody Wins In The Trafficking Deal That'll Confirm Loretta Lynch

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But women who become pregnant by their tormentors can only have abortions if their lawyers pay for it?

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I’m not really clear on this either. It really sounds like all the political folks win but the trafficking victims lose because Rs think Jesus loves rape or something.

EDIT to Correct: lose vs loose. Embarrasing


I still am not confident that the fever will break. Destroying things to complain about them is the republicant way.


And McConnell wins because the fierce criticism directed at him — including from Republicans and nonpartisan observers — for delaying the Lynch nomination will end.

Why should it end? The delay was unconscionable, and the public should be reminded each and every day of how McConnell handles the Nation’s business.


I’m not certain, but it sounds like private compensation funds can be used for medical services, presumably including abortions. Planned Parenthood has endorsed the deal. http://plannedparenthoodaction.org/elections-politics/newsroom/press-releases/planned-parenthood-action-fund-statement-proposed-agreement-senate-human-trafficking-measure/


" Democrats complained that it was an expansion of longstanding anti-abortion restrictions because it applied to private money, not taxpayer funds."

" Republicans win because they didn’t cave on abortions. The decades-long restrictions on government funds in connection to abortions apply."

Democrats were not opposed to the tax payer funded restrictions on abortion but to an attempt to expand those restrictions to non- taxpayer funds

So Republicans won because they were able to keep in the bill something that wasn’t even being opposed? That’s a hell of a low bar for success.


The sound of one hand clapping rang through the august Chamber…

Thank you for posting that, it clears up my concern listed above.

The money is fungible since it has both private and public moneys. That the status quo vis-é-vis the Hyde amendment was not expanded, I’m “ok” with it. Not sure how the GOP can claim they “didn’t cave” when it was their attempted expansion of the Hyde Amendment to cover private money that was scrapped.

But ok. If the GOP want to claim physic victories, works for me.