Discussion: How A Ted Cruz Adviser Is Mixed Up In Missouri Guv Candidate's Suicide

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“…Jeff Roe, a seasoned Republican operative who previously advised former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee ® and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry ® on their respective presidential campaigns.”

Cruz can sure pick people with a success rate, can’t he?

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That is because he is so intelligent. If you don’t believe me, just ask him . Mr Cruse.the senator for the great state of Texas.

Even though Cruz isn’t really serious about wanting to do the job of president (or any other job) he certainly knows a lot of low people in low places to help him run. But Ted better tread softly in Missouri as Jack Danforth is openly judging people by the company their keep. The state is an active GOP war zone right not.


Why do so many of them look like Himmler?

Nice people doing nice things.

Well, this fellow is just right for Ted Cruz. He is nasty, arrogant, willing to stoop to any dishonesty in order to score points and he and Ted will be best pals.

And the National shit on Canadian born Rafael Cruz campaign has begun.