Discussion: Houston Voters Reject LGBT Anti-Discrimination Rule After Heated Battle

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What brings a WTF factor to the HERO defeat is that in the same election, 56% of voters in the mayor’s race voted for liberal candidates (Sylvester Turner, Adrian Garcia & Chris Bell.)

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This indicates we have a LOT of work to do, continued outreach and education. I am not familiar with Houston candidates – did those three also show strong public support for HERO? If so, then my first sentence maybe a little too weak.

Yes, there is and it isn’t going to happen overnight. The anti’s apparently mounted a good campaign to defeat it, something democrats still don’t seem to have learned to do to win

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Unfortunately, the RWNJs are extremely good with scare tactics. With issues and subjects such as legal rights for trans people–a very new one almost everywhere on the national stage–there is always a learning curve.

Heck, back in the very early '90s, when I was a young dude living in San Francisco, The City’s electorate was having issues and doubts with allowing gay couples to register (register only–no benefits) as Domestic Partners down at City Hall. It passed, but not by great margins. Later, slowly, benefits such as hospital visitation, inheritance, etc., were added. It isn’t fair and it isn’t right but equality always takes time.


“a rallying cry for Americans tired of seeing their freedoms trampled in
a politically correct stampede to redefine marriage and sexuality.”

What? I was supposed to stampede? Did I miss the update to our super secret gay agenda? —sigh— I guess I shouldn’t have been giving out lesbian candy (insert scream sound FX) on Halloween either. Yes…I DID IT and I’m not ashamed!

I’d be curious to know what stance (if there was a collective stance) was taken by African American clergy. They can be a wild card in LGBT rights issues and are credited with the passing Prop 8 here in California, the anti- Gay Marriage initiative in 2008 (passed 52-48). The Democratic vote isn’t always monolithic.

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I NEVER received my copy of our agenda! – And I’ve most definitely proved myself to the club. Seriously, how many dicks does a guy gotta do before he gets his membership paperwork?

It definitely varies region to region, state to state. When Maryland voters approved marriage equality, large majorities of the African-American clergy came out in favor of equality. Outreach and education are key. That said, it also takes time.

Very good to know.