Discussion: Houston Police Chief: 'I'm worried about how many bodies we're going to find'

Don’t worry, dude.

“I think you’ll be up and running very, very quickly, really very quickly. So yeah, I think you’re going to be in fantastic shape.”

In a couple of weeks or so.

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This is going to happen more and more often as our coastal cities grow and the seas rise.


No worries. Trump will do a photo op with his Concerned Face on. He will help us understand that the damage and death are bad things, really very, very bad, but he will inform us that the spirit of the people there is “incredible, just fantastic.” Then he will go home and the grownups can get back to work.

Leaving now for Texas!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 29, 2017
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Yeah, ‘shelter in place’ comes with a price tag. But you’re not paying it.

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Happy Katrina Anniversary, New Orleans! Harvey’s coming!

If you get a chance to see Al Gore’s new movie, he mentions the recent flooding history of Houston in particular (before Harvey) and how exceedingly aberrant it has been.
He also re-shows the animation from his first movie of Manhattan flooding, which was widely ridiculed by critics, only to be brought to life by Sandy.

Just saw trump and Melania got on AF1 for the trip west.
Somebody needs to teach that girl about sensible shoes. She had on high heels whilst getting on the plane. Those will.not.do in a flood.
The southern part of Houston is at 43 inches of rain since Friday.

The reported death toll from the storm has been very, very low so far. Which is likely to mean that it will skyrocket when authorities can get into flooded homes and businesses, and find cars and trucks that were submerged, not to mention people who were just swept away. What a terrible time for the people down there, and for all of us.

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So true. There will be many who are unaccounted for (right now everything is still chaotic), and at some point will be designated missing and presumed dead.

Horrible, horrible. I keep thinking how awful this all is and shudder.

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I hear you.

But, unlike MIchelle Obama (sobs uncontrollably), I sincerely doubt that you will see her in wellies helping people out.

At best she’ll be waving out the limo window.

This is a really terrible thought, but have you noticed that none of those loud-mouthed preachers are suggesting that this is the Lord’s way of paying the people down there back for how they voted in November?

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Yeah, that’s only one of the many manifestations of two-faced-ness. How about all those TX Goopers who voted against help for Sandy Hook and Katrina? Yup, now they want money, money, and more money.

It’s all of a piece: if it’s not in my backyard, y’all can go get stuffed. The GOP today. What a waste.

Wonder if Donnie is going to bring in Sheriff Joe to take over rescue efforts?

But Congress will vote the money, because we can’t make innocent people suffer just because they elected poltroons. And buffoons.

Absolutely. And this time, 'cause it’s a red state and 'cause they haven’t done anything else right in the past few months, all the Goopers who will vote “yes”…

And get praise for it.


ETA: strikeout for self-editing, 'cause they whiffed on Katrina in LA, which is also red. Of course, Nawlins is mostly full of poor black folks, so, consistent.

“Can you imagine if millions of people had left the city of Houston and then tried to come back in right now?”

I can’t believe no one has taken the mayor to task over this comment.
Why would they be trying to return right now? There is no reason to believe people would be trying to return to a flooded city.
I think he realizes his mistake and can’t admit it, so he doubles down on his poor choice.

I have some friends in Houston and because the situation changes moment to moment I want to know their current condition. Email is best but I know they have far more immediate needs than gabbing at me constantly.

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