Discussion: House Votes To Repeal Obamacare Yet Again—But This Time It's Different

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How is this time different?

This time the idiocy will spread wider and deeper and add to the Pork Chop Hill of antivaxxology so many in the GOP are adding to by the minute.


Legislative masturbation. How many strokes will it take?


Not sure why your comment brought this to mind, but, well, there you go:


“America’s New Congress”
Same as the old Congress.
Someone should write a song about that.
We won’t be fooled again.


Gerrymandered districts, yes we will…

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I think the Senate Dems should let McConnell bring it to the floor to force Republican senators to stop hiding behind the House on this. The people still have Obama for the veto, but at least it’ll help with the next election, where suddenly all those people with health insurance are worried that the Republicans will indeed strip them of it.


This is encouraging. I thought they had lost their touch.

Eventually these repeal votes will be put out there for freshmen Representatives who weren’t born when Obamacare went into effect.


BOOOOOYAAAAHHH! _____56th time’s the charm! “Repeal and Replace” is their mantra!!!
And they’ll replace it with…uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

The GOPigs have not one f*cking idea on how to replace its framework. And without the ACA real people will go bankrupt and die, and millions more could be damaged _______ and medical spending will skyrocket if it is damaged by them or their corporatewhores on the SCOTUS…and they pretend to care about spending??? ALL because of their hatred for the President…NOTHING more.


who says the republicans don’t legislate? my idiot congressman rodney davis, from taylorville il, once again voted for this total non-starter. rodney, if you have any ideas regarding improving the ACA speak up. symbolism went out the window after about the 3rd vote. now you are just playing to the base. this is NOT what you were elected to do. grow up.


It’s different this time alright. This time Obama has a chance to hit back at them with a veto. This is what the people who voted for him in 2008 have been waiting for. They wanted someone to stand up to these vulture capitalists.


What are they going to write in their new law? The ACA is basically a piece of Republican legislation that was passed by a Democratic Congress and signed by a Democratic president.

They have no other ideas.


Totally agree. This time, the votes would be for real because the Dems wouldn’t attempt to add any frivolous language or filibustering. Let the Repubs vote on exactly what they want, making every one of them take the vote knowing the Dems won’t be there to stand in its way and ultimately save their sorry backsides.


It is a good bet the mainstream media won’t even point out that the GOP Congress has voted over 50 times on this, wasting time and money.

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Whuuuuuuuuuut, says Chucky T.

When he vetoes this I hope he stands on his bully pulpit and explains why and how he had to do this, that is, that at bottom it’s nothing more than a chance for the stoopids to vote no to burnish their stoopid credentials.


They keep voting but they can’t keep it up. They are hoping that Joni “The Pig Castrator” Ernst will help them finish this time.

America’s Stupider Congress

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Oh come on. you know they are just dying to add a public option.