Discussion: House Republicans Tell HHS To Reveal Contingency Plans If SCOTUS Guts ACA

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The answer should be short and to the point, something like: We would prepare legislation to address whatever drafting errors Scalia, Kennedy, Alito, Thomas, and Roberts claimed to have discovered in the act and submit it to you clowns for immediate action, then sit back and watch as you tried to explain that all you have to address an undeniable problem is hot air.


Another day another republican demanding someone else do his job for him.


Remind the GOP of the Pottery Barn Rule (made famous by Colin Powell). They break the ACA. They own it.


Shouldn’t we be asking the Republicans in Congress what they plan to do if the Supreme Court rules adversely against the ACA?


LOL. What a fucking joke. Here we have a “problem” that could be fixed by changing ONE FUCKING WORD in the statute, which is something that the GOP/Teatrolls are in total control over because they have the majority in both the House and Senate, and yet here they are wasting everyone’s time and money trying to paper-up arguments to sell to the MSM that claim it’s all Obama’s responsibility and that any and all fallout for anyone after an adverse ruling in the SCOTUS is in fact his fault because he “didn’t prepare for it well enough.”

What. A. Fucking. Joke.

How many words are in this letter? How many? And they bother writing this nonsense instead of drafting a piece of legislation that could be all of 15 words long replacing one word in the ACA? Please proceed, motherfuckers, please proceed. I hope to God that Obama makes you eat your own pathetic little peckers for this.

EDIT: BTW, what they are digging for is this…“There is nothing to prepare for. If the SCOTUS rules that the subsidies to these people must stop, then we will stop giving the subsidies to people, and we are not authorized to try to give them out in any other manner or to do anything else to try to continue funding the subsidies or the health insurance the subsidies were buying. This is a problem whose solution MUST come from Congress.”

They will then snip snip snip and run around on the MSM saying that Obama is threatening to kill the subsidies…and everyone’s health insurance as a result…if he doesn’t get his way in the case. The MSM will dutifully broadcast it to the four corners of the globe and pretend it’s a potentially valid argument that “you know, they just didn’t do anything and they could’ve at least tried to prepare for it to protect all those poor people, but instead they spitefully did nothing so they could blame it on us.”

My favorite part will be when they start yelling about “Oh, NOOOOOW he can’t do anything because his hands are tied and he admits that Congress is supposed to authorize everything…but when it came to illegals invading our country, he did whatever he wanted!!! So which is it!!!”


Hopeless and Useless Fed Upton is my Congress critter. Please don’t rag on me, I expect sympathy and compassion.


The question is not what Obama would do because his hands would be tied by the SCOTUS decision. The question is what the Pubbies would do in response to the insurance companies losing many millions of dollars in business AND how would the Pubbies respond to millions of people being kicked out of healthcare insurance coverage by the Pubbies taking the issue to the SCOTUS. Pubbies would also have to answer to healthcare providers like hospital corporations about the loss of revenue due to millions of people again being unable to pay for healthcare services which are now paid for under Obamacare. And how about all those healthcare plans like Kynect that cannot exist without Obamacare? Pubbie governors have been touting how their plans would not be affected if Obamacare ends but we know that all those plans would collapse without Obamacare. If Obamacare is torpedoed by the SCOTUS, the only recourse Pubbies have is to find a high bridge and jump off it.


No, Kynect is safe because the state of Kentucky established its own exchange. This would only affect states that use healthcare.gov – 36 or 37 states, I think.

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Insurers should ask Congressional Republicans the same questions?


That’s right,because the prohibition against pre-existing conditions denial will still be in effect. There are millions of previously uninsurable persons who got Obamacare compliant policies outside of the exchanges.

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randy, we already know what the congressional republicans would do. declare an immediate recess and get out of town.


Sure, the Republicans would like to steal our ideas or at least have lots of time to figure out some poll tested words to use against them.

The response should be, there is no contingency that hasn’t already been well thought out and now proven true since implementation. No one ever considered that a simple one word issue would be an issue or that presumably intelligent people would even attempt something so preposterous.
The contingency plan is universal healthcare for all without for profit insurance companies or subsidies blowing up costs and reducing care.


I’m sorry, but that’s not allowed in the MSM. You will have to wait for a Dem guest to attempt to bring that up before getting rudely interrupted by their interviewer when the GOP/Teatrolls guests all start talking over him at once.


Easy, he would use his kingly imperial mandate to implement the GOPs original single payer program implemented as Romney Care in MA…Next question…

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Maybe we should pose it as a rhetorical question – where the answer is unstated but obvious.

Yeah, I guess I was being a bit impertinent.

No, Randy, that is not correct. Whatever may be declared invalid by the SCOTUS in Obamacare is declaring a federal law invalid. Should subsidies to policy holders, the requirement to insure people with pre-existing conditions, or any other portion of the law be declared invalid, those parts of Obamacare are ended. If states wanted to continue the parts of Obamacare that were ended by the SCOTUS, the states wanting to continue those portions declared invalid at the federal level would have to find some kind of “work around” on their own. For example, if the SCOTUS says the subsidies are invalid then Kynect and the state of Kentucky would have to figure out what they want to do next since there would be no more subsidies from Obamacare.

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No, no, no, you fuckless pukes. What will you do if Scotus guts Obamacare? You wanted to break it, so you’ll want to fix it, now won’t you? Be warned, the new and improved Obama’s gonna veto the hell out of anything more or anything less than just fixing the one sentence in the law that needs fixing. And woe to the Kochsucking TeaOP if Dems decide to just let it stay broke til, oh I don’t know, 2016? Set and match, worthless rightwing swine.


They need to send a two word response to the dipshit republithugs… Single Payer.