Discussion: House Republicans Introduce Resolution To Impeach IRS Chief

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JC is just hoping that the head of the IRS is not as smart as C. Richards!


So what’s the reason, or is it just one of those “because we can” things.


blah blah blah…


Fox News reported Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) and 18 other members of the House Oversight Committee signed on to begin proceedings to impeach Koskinen.

Stunning! They’re going to start Ryan’s speakership off with impeaching a member of the administration, all in an effort to show how serious they are about governing. This is the image they want to put forth to the American people as we head into an election year? They want to be batting around the word “impeachment” as a person named Clinton increasingly looks to be the new standard bearer of the opposition party? Please proceed!


And the Party of Fiscal irresponsibility strikes again by pouring more tax dollars down the drain appeasing their lunatic base.


Welcome to your new job Speaker Ryan.


“House Republicans Introduce Resolution To Impeach IRS Chief.”

Because that whole Benghazi spectacle with Hillary worked out so well for them?


“We got on Hillary’s case…God my butt still hurts…We need to go and pick on somebody else. The IRS. That one’s good.”


Sideshow Chaffetz’s fee fees are hurt.


They failed on Lois Lerner so this is Plan B? Something tells me they were hoping to leverage Lerner’s prosecution during the 2016 campaign and are now scrambling to find something to keep the whole IRS thing alive and in the spotlight. Think about it. PP only gets them so far and they know it, because it’s really just preaching to the choir and so suspect in terms of “evidence” that they can’t really allow it to go too deep lest the real evidence prove them foolish. They’re losing out on the debt ceiling/government shutdown gambit because Boehner is protecting Plutocrat Pauly and, well, I don’t think he was ever quite as crazy as these fucktards. They royally fucked themselves with the silly Benghazi hearing backfiring as Clinton obliterated them in her testimony. Declaring a congressional investigation of Black Lives Matter has certainly been discussed behind closed doors, but even they had to realize how fucking self-damaging that would be. So what’s left but resurrecting old news and lighting it on fire like an ISIS captive?

“Impeachment is the appropriate tool to restore public confidence in the IRS and to protect the institutional interests of Congress.” (Chaffetz of course)

Funny how it will have precisely the opposite effect though, eh? Not to mention the fact that damaging public confidence is, in fact, your true goal…

By golly we wanted a scalp and we’re gonna get one or else!


I think it’s one of those “because we’ve got nothing else” things.


It’s harassment. They want to scare good people out of government. It’s a kind of suppression.


Nineteen Neros who pretend they’re heroes by acting like zeroes.


Osama Bin Laden would be so proud to see how the Republican Party (American Taliban) is continuing his fight to take down the US Government.

Work all day drunk on de power
Evenin’ come and me wan’ go home
Do investigations ‘till de evenin’ come
Evenin’ come and me wan’ go home

Come, Mister speaker man, tally me impeachments
Evenin’ come and me wan’ go home
Come, Mister speaker man, tally me investigations
Evenin’ come and me wan’ go home

Six time, seven time, eight time investigations
Impeachment come and me wan’ go home
Obstruct six time, seven time, shut down de government
Evenin’ come and me wan’ go home



When you think just a minute about this “scandal”, its ridiculousness becomes readily apparent.

The Republicans claim that the IRS was harassing conservative groups that were seeking tax exemptions. But if these were indeed conservative groups, then they were political organizations that were ineligible for tax exemption.

The real scandal is that all of these obviously political Tea Party-related entities seem to have gotten tax exemptions under false pretenses of being non-political.


The good thing is I no longer have to explain why Republicans are stupid,and useless to anyone anymore. They are making that point quite clear for me everyday.


If this doesn’t work Chaffetz could deposit a paper bag of burning dog shit on Koskinen’s front porch I guess. He’s already confiscated all the neighbor kids balls, that’s the only option left.


They really just don’t believe in democracy do they?
They impeached the last Democratic president, they stole the next election to give it to Boy George, they have worked to thwart President Obama at every step of the way, they are gerrymandering up the wazoo and imposing voting restrictions to keep the House, and one of their buffoons is already talking about impeaching Hillary if she wins.
They are bush-league banana republic fascists.


What’s Benghazi? Quick! Look over here!! This is an outrage!!! Right over here!!!